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Fingers crossed

Fingers crossed

Delonix, could these be buds on my Plumeria?????

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looks promising Alex :-)

28 Sep, 2012


Thanks Sl....that's what I think. ;o)))
So excited....second summer from seed not even two years old yet. Fingers crossed.

28 Sep, 2012


blimey that's excellent, nice one ;-)

28 Sep, 2012


Exactly!!! ;o))))))))

29 Sep, 2012


Yes, I'm pretty sure those are flower buds. For it to bloom it must have at least 6 hours of sun...4 hours if it's super hot...and not reflected heat if it's super hot, also.

This is the time of year to fertilizer your Plumerias with 0-25-25. It'll promote buds for next year.

30 Sep, 2012


The Plumerias are indoors. Not sure how many hours of sun they get now with the days getting shorter. Definitely 4 though. I could move it outside until the next storm comes.

Ok....I'll fertilize them now (thanks).

1 Oct, 2012


A high bloom fertilizer is good to set buds for next year...and for your current emerging flower spike to bloom, now.

I have several buds coming out on my burned Plumerias. I see flowers buds coming out of my newly purchased 'Slaughter Pink' (which I got at the Plumeria Sale on Labor Day). My other new Plumeria 'Cancun Pink' is blooming and has such an incredible fragrance. I'm so glad I had them in semi-shade when we had the last extreme heat wave (they didn't burn).

1 Oct, 2012


I'm so excitied to see it in flower but it just doesn't feel right for it to bloom indoors!!! I don't want to move it now and chance losing the flowers!

Too bad pictures don't come with a scent! Scratch and sniff. lol

2 Oct, 2012


Yes, Plumerias really prefers to be outdoors in full sunshine. They generally tolerate extreme heat without problems...except when the humidity is very, very low. Like the low humidity we get this time of the year.

Most Plumeria trees in the ground are still in full flower here. I did see some get burned; however, most of the large ones are very nice and green and have so many flowers.

3 Oct, 2012


I just wanted to let you know. When your seedling plumeria blooms, it may not have the true color of the flowers. It usually takes 3 or 4 years to bloom the true flower color. This is the reason why I only get cutting-grown plants.

4 Oct, 2012 lucky devil...................

4 Oct, 2012


Thanks for that bit of info Delonix. The buds are growing can really see them now. How long do they take to bloom?

It was so hot up until a few days ago that my Plumerias have burned leaves. Not so hot these few days, Maestro winds blowing getting rid of the heat waves!! About time!

5 Oct, 2012


Thank you Milky, I so excited!!!!!!!

5 Oct, 2012


Welcome to the club. I only have a few plumerias that don't have burned leaves from this damned heat! It has finally cooled down a little here, too (yesterday). Although, our hot weather is not done yet.

They can bloom pretty quickly depending on the weather. It just needs the sun.

5 Oct, 2012


I think (hope) our hot weather is done. Still hot but comfortable.

I wish I had the protected space to leave it outside in the sun but I'm afraid the wind might tip it over flowers! I need to make plans for next year plus one is going in the garden.

5 Oct, 2012


Next week Tuesday or Wednesday we may get our first showers or rain. That's such good news. Everything is super dry...and this is the worst time of the year for firestorms from hot Santa Ana Winds.

You don't have a protected patio or a big tree to put them under? This is why I have my shade structure in the front yard the tent in the back yard and my dilapidated greenhouse, which has not roof. lol! :>)

6 Oct, 2012


I have protected patios all around the ground floor of the house....I can't put them in the front- (front are the shops).....I can't put them where I had them all summer - (wood for the woodburner went there)......I can put them near the stairs that leads up to the house but that's where more wood for the woodburner will go in a few weeks.

Should I put the one in bud there even for a few weeks???? It's used to beeing inside stays hot in there even at night....????

I hope you get your rain!!! We don't want any fires!!!

6 Oct, 2012


The main issue with a plumeria with buds is: the buds can be aborted if it doesn't get enough sun. Sunshine and heat is imperative for blooming. Too little sun or heat the flower spike can fall off or the buds can fall off. A plumeria with a flower spike should get at least 4 to 6 hours of sun a day for flowering.

Thanks! Yes, we don't want any firestorms. We've had several fires, already.

6 Oct, 2012


My plumeria is staying where it's getting more than 4 hours of sun and it's nice a warm with no wind.

Greece had a few fires this year as well. There were a few pretty bad ones. No big ones on Corfu this year, just little ones that were put out in minutes.

6 Oct, 2012


It sounds like perfect conditions for your plumeria.

California has had a lot of big fires this year. It's typical for the western states to have fires. We really don't like the firestorms, though.

7 Oct, 2012

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