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Millet seeds...

Millet seeds...

...for Coco?

This is in my garden, but, I can't remember what it's called!

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No idea either Karen....but effective...

5 Oct, 2012


They look great, Bloomer...
...and I'm going to give them to one birdie or another.

Coco's my first choice...but, I have to make sure that they won't be toxic to her...

...She's sensitive! lol!

Lord knows how she happens to be the last link with the dinosaurs...she can die with just a whiff of something toxic...

...and she flings (throws) ALL her food (and water) out of her cage...her record is 3 metres with one fling!!!
Sorry, I don't know if "fling" is just a Scottish word...but, if info is needed, it involves a SWEEPING action on the throw! lol!

How did her likes, with all that wastefulness of food, ever get to be the last dinosaurs???

5 Oct, 2012


Your birds will love them,Karen..better keep feeding Coco in the manner to which she is accustomed! .well,you learn something every day on here! I didn't know about the Dinosaur connection ! ..and I know what fling is..the same in English :o)..I 'flung'a saucepan down the garden path once..shame it was a newish leaked at the bottom when I used it again !:o)...also know the other meaning of a 'fling' but never tried that ! haha..

5 Oct, 2012


Lol! I've dabbled in the other versions of "fling", Bloomer...
...don't know if they're the same as yours! Would it be "Highland Flings" you're talking about? They involve tartan sasches and knives and the like...pff! Run of the mill for a girl like me! ;D

Hee hee! How far did you fling that pan???

5 Oct, 2012


Me in a Kilt, Karen ?..That would be a sight to behold :o)
and no,I wasn't meaning a Highland fling..!
The pan hit the garden gate..about six flagstones away:o)

5 Oct, 2012


LOL! Good on you girl! :))))

5 Oct, 2012


Yep,it felt good :o)..shame there was gravy in it at the time! LOl.

6 Oct, 2012


Lol! Did it miss anyone's head on the way? ;)

8 Oct, 2012


oh yes'OH was behind me..,but dinner was 'gravyless'that night ! Newly married,and a bit touchy..and new to cooking ! silenced a few comments about the'looks a bit lumpy',and 'my mum doesn't make it like that'..and worst of all'..yorkshire puds look a bit flat '..get my drift ? lol..
what was a girl to do? ..point was well and truly taken...never complained since..and gravy and y.puds are well received...:o))))..It had to be nipped in the bud ! LOl.

8 Oct, 2012


Lololol! I suspect that yours is not the only pan to have flown down the garden!
If my OH doesn't like something, I can tell by his face...he always says thank you, that was very nice - but, then follows it with, "but, let's not have that too often". Mind you...he thinks he doesn't like loads of things and it's been a bit of a mission to change his mind! lol!

9 Oct, 2012


Same here,Karen..not really a fussy eater..but appreciative ! :o)...He always says he doesn't like Garlic..but doesn't realise he is eating it in some things Lol..he draws the line at butter I have to make a Shepherds pie with just milk in the mashed potato..daughter is even worse,and won't have either butter or spread..she was a problem at kid's parties,and I had to ask the host to make her a sandwich without any..
a smear of salad cream was all she would have !..They don't take after me as I love butter..although I had to be weaned off it,and on to a substitute..still not the same though..and still have it on a scone or similar if we go out ....heaven ! :o)

9 Oct, 2012

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