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stripped out the tomato plants today just left a couple of gardeners delight and shirley...


By Sandra

stripped out the tomato plants today just left a couple of gardeners delight and shirley...

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Thats the two varieties i grew this year Sandra and wern't they delicious?...:>)

26 Oct, 2012


oh yes Motinot. i couldnt bring myself to take the last ones down. they are the best and the strongest every year..

26 Oct, 2012


I wish I had a growing tunnel like yours! It's huge.

1 Nov, 2012


its has to be to fit all my babies to stock the nursery in the spring...

1 Nov, 2012


It must be nice. I wish I had one to put some of my big potted plants in, which get blown down by winds during hot Santa Ana Winds (which is from Mid-Sept through April or early May).

2 Nov, 2012


blowing a gale outside here today but lovely and cosy in there...we used to have a net tunnel which was great protection from the wind and offered a little shade. be great for you.

2 Nov, 2012



You wouldn't believe how hot it's been here. I can't relate to a cold gale blowing outside.

Yes, it would be great for me; however, I would definitely need shade cloth on top or the plants would cook, badly.

It was up to 87ºF (32ºC) by 10 am yesterday morning and this morning is evening hotter, earlier. It suppose to be around 95ºF (35ºC) for the high temp today, in inland San Diego.

5 Nov, 2012


a shade tunnel would be perfect for you in that was amazing how much protection our shade tunel used to offer...but we decided to use a plastic cover as it gets so cold here in the winter...35 degrees is just madness...i dont know how you guys cope...

6 Nov, 2012


Yes, it would be perfect. :>)

It's not too unusual for it to get to 95ºF (35ºC) or hotter this time of year, even along the coast. Back on Nov. 4th, 2010 downtown San Diego hit 100ºF (38ºC), which was the hottest temperature ever recorded for the month of November.

La Mesa, which is a city just a couple of miles to the east of me, holds the all-time record for the hottest December temperature in the U.S. It was 107ºF (41.6ºC) on December 8, 1938. Now, that's crazy HOT!

6 Nov, 2012


i cant handle hot...its just above freezing here in the nights, it was snowing 20 miles from me on the weekend...only a slight covering but winter is definitely here. the jumpers thermals and slippers are all ready. i love the seasons we have. winter and christmas with the excitement of spring to come...

7 Nov, 2012


I actually don't like the hot weather, either. However, I bet yours and my definition of hot is most likely very different. I don't consider it hot until it reaches 90ºF (32ºC) or a little higher.

I sounds like you're very ready for the cold weather. That's a lot of clothes. lol! We're not used to using so much clothes here at any time of the year.

We do have some unusually cool weather coming in from the north this coming weekend. The highs are only going to be only around 70ºF (21ºC).

8 Nov, 2012


24 is about my max for actually doing any thing in. over that and im in the house... i'm's just not today it was around 8 degrees blue skys/showers/sunshine perfect autumn day..cooling down to 4 or 5 degrees tonight. dark at 5.30. time to relax...

10 Nov, 2012


A 24ºC (75ºF) or higher temp can be a normal winter's day in January. With this being said: yesterday was very chilly only 65ºF (18ºC) and this morning's low was a very cold 43ºF (6ºC), we're complaining of freezing to death! Today will be much warmer and tomorrow the temps will be back to a normal of 78ºF (28ºF). :>)

11 Nov, 2012

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