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Unknown flower


By Walrus

Unknown flower

This starting appearing some months ago. I was curious to see what happened so I left it alone. Haven't got a clue what it is.

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It looks like Crocosmia to me. I wouldn't know which variety but there are one or two (read hundreds!!) of excellent plantsmen/women on site and I'm sure they will let you know for sure

12 Sep, 2007


Definitely Crocosmia - like mine! (See photo on my page) It has corms and spreads, it is hardy and will die back in the winter but reappear next spring! You will need to clear away the dead leaves to tidy things up. You can buy named varieties like 'Lucifer' which is taller and bright red. There are also yellow and bi-coloured yellow/red ones. Hope this helps.

13 Sep, 2007


i would say that this is Crocosmia, a plant that originates from S Africa. year ago, the only colour vaulable was orange, but the bright red "Lucifer" is now widely avilable - and desirable. I have this lovely, trouble- and maintenance-free plant surrounding my chocolate-coloured main deck area, it has just this week "gone over", and it raises audible breath gasps from anyone new who visits.

13 Sep, 2007


I should add that the seed pods following flowering are also very attractive, but I cut off the stalks now. I leave the foliage to wither ove winter, to act as a sort of protection from frost and snow, and remove dead foliage in April when new leave growth shows. I planted out thinly a few old bulbs (or are they classed as tubers/rhizomes?) last year, but this year had a veritable jungle of flowers.

13 Sep, 2007


Told you they would know!! ; )

14 Sep, 2007


Thanks guys (galls?) Very useful info.Will act on all your suggestions.

Thanks again


27 Sep, 2007

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