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Mouldy having a cuppa in the park last Autumn


By Mouldy

Mouldy having a cuppa in the park last Autumn

Me modelling my autumn collection

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lovely cololurs lol :O)

24 Mar, 2013


That's very surreal Mouldy!

24 Mar, 2013


You made that Mouldy? Fantastic!!!

24 Mar, 2013


Would that be leaf mouldy?!

24 Mar, 2013


How rude, Lulu!
I thought my dignity shone through. Lol.
At least YOU see the concept, Olive.
Glad you twigged, Scottish & don't groan like that, it's not ladylike. Sngr.
Junna, my lips are sealed.
Only Terra, Feverfew & that rascal, Surreylad know the truth.
Oh, you've got no idea what we four get up to, whilst the rest of you are tucked up in bed & snoring your heads off.
We're the 'Nightpeople'
Why I bet you & the others could torture TT, FF & SL, (to give them their true identies), & they wouldn't spill one single bean between them.
Go on, you Scaredy cats, I DOUBLE dare you!
Sorry, Surreylad, got a bit carried away there! Lol.

24 Mar, 2013


Lol my lips are sealed :-))

24 Mar, 2013


Tracey Emin, eat your heart out! lol.

25 Mar, 2013


Does my bum look big in that? LOL!

25 Mar, 2013


You pinched Victor Meldrews cap as well........

25 Mar, 2013


I bl**dy well don't believe it!
Let's just get our facts straight, his secret lovechild it was given into my trust, as a family heirloom. Lol.

25 Mar, 2013


Have you a son to pass it on to? I do hope so. It should stay in the family.

26 Mar, 2013


Sadly, never blessed, Spritz.
No new 'branch' to continue the buffoonery.
Some 'higher' took a look & thought...Crikey, one's enough. Quick, break that mould! Lol.

26 Mar, 2013


Funny picture

27 Mar, 2013


That's me in my Sunday best! ;-[

28 Mar, 2013


You'll have to bequeath it to someone else, then, Mouldy. HRH comes to mind...I've seen him in various headgear. :-D)

28 Mar, 2013


Could you approach on my behalf, Spritz?
There's no need to mention the wellies, though.
I've just noticed a wee crown stamped inside them & we don't want to bother the chap with trivialities, do we? ;-)

28 Mar, 2013


love this picture!

29 Mar, 2013


awwww..... lol!

29 Mar, 2013


That's my best side, Floral. :-)

29 Mar, 2013



30 Mar, 2013


Wait 'til you lot see next year's collection!

31 Mar, 2013



2 Apr, 2013


Now all I have to do is come up with a brilliant idea.
HELP! Lol.

3 Apr, 2013


A whole family...on a swing set :)
dad pushing the kids

3 Apr, 2013


Sadly, not blessed.
Jaffa, as with the orange...seedless.
It was great with nieces & nephews - spoil them rotten, get them hyper, hand them back. ;-)
Everyone , except adults, thought I was the coolest. Lol.

3 Apr, 2013


I bet the kids loved it though :)
what I meant was you need to make leaf figures of a whole family LOL

5 Apr, 2013


Oops! :-\ Lol.

6 Apr, 2013



7 Apr, 2013


Too tiring, Floral.
Got to conserve my energy. Lol.
'Less you iz dissn me, sista, sayn I iz layzee? ;-)

8 Apr, 2013


not me!

9 Apr, 2013



10 Apr, 2013


I am flummoxed Mouldy!!!
I love the picture, but how is it made? Are you going to let on? :))
I could understand if it was snow 'cos it sticks together - but leaves?????

21 Jun, 2013


Fabric glue, I'd guess, Shirl. Lol.
Between you, me & all of Goy...I downloaded the photo from one of those free photo sites on the web.
There's billions of free photos, but you have to beware of copyright infringements.
The sites usually let you know the score on that.
If you're preparf to trawl through, well, there's no shortage for ideas for personalised cards, etc.
Hope that helps.

21 Jun, 2013


Ah! So that's it!
I might have a look through one of those sites.

21 Jun, 2013


Surreylad was the only one who knew.
I guess, now I've spilled the beans, it's time for a new avatar. Lol.
Don't be surprised, whilst perusing the photo sites, if you recognise some of the pics, as I'm sure I seen a few of Goyers' avatars & even PHOTOS!
Mum's the word, Shirl. ;-)

23 Jun, 2013


SH!!! :)

23 Jun, 2013

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