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what a mess


By Irene24

what a mess

People at the back of me moved the boundery and left me this I,ve been clearing it for 2 weeks and seem to be getting somewhere
Would like to plant some climber and ground cover but i dont know what tipes yet so any suguestions !!!!!!!!

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First of all, why did the neighbours move the boundary? Was this not your land before and it now is? Presumably you've looked into this. It's just that it would be a shame to do a lot of work to make this area look lovely then have the boundary moved again if it was discovered that this isn't your land!

1 Apr, 2013


The property at the back right belongs to the counsil so does mine
I notified them and they told me there was nothing they can do as its not my property so i didnt like all the mess and want to grow something that wont need a lot of keeping or cost a lot as money and time are tight lol

1 Apr, 2013


Oh I see, just wanted to make sure before you go to any more trouble! When it's all cleared you'll have a nice lot of space to garden in. It's a bit difficult to know what to suggest without knowing what kind of soil you've got and your own personal preferences. Have you had a look around at what grows well in the gardens near to you? Maybe make a list of what kinds of plants appeal? There is lots of information on GoY, so there's lots to learn from here. I'm presuming you want low maintenance plants, so for climbers you could grow some beautiful varieties of ivies or honeysuckle rather than clematis which I find can involve a certain amount of work to keep looking neat. For ground cover you could look up the shrub sections on GoY and see what kind of plants you like. That's really all I can think of to suggest for now. Good luck, all that clearing up looks like very hard work!

1 Apr, 2013


Massive job Irene but your getting there, Good Luck.
My neighbour put up a new fence about 2 foot away from mine! guess who keeps it weed free. She is such a nice neighbour and getting on, i havent the heart to complain but im sick of moving bindweed..

1 Apr, 2013


Have a look at people's gardens on here Irene, you'll get lots of ideas then.

1 Apr, 2013


Welcome to GOY.
You have a huge job on but have made a great start. Have a look in the climbers section on GOY, that will give u some ideas.
Click on C at bottom page and then on climbing plants!

1 Apr, 2013


All the best Irene with your projects, lots of nice helpful people on here if you need advice;0)

5 May, 2013

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