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Looks promising

Looks promising (dicentra prince of hearts)

It's starting to look promising :-))

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Very promising :o)))

14 Apr, 2013


oh nice !! ours died off due to cold but new foliage now - no hearts yet though

14 Apr, 2013


thanks Terra :-)

Cheers Paul, lets hope you get some now its warming up a bit. :-))

14 Apr, 2013



14 Apr, 2013


C'mon, Surrey, don't make me beg! Lol.
What is it?
Hang on a mo'.
Yeah, just seen, up on the right.
Go on then, laugh you lot, why don't you?!
Learning every day, just not fast enough! Lol.
Now I know how mine might look like.
Who said "Yeah, right!"? ;-)

15 Apr, 2013


Lol Mouldy yes it's a dicentra " bleeding heart" :-))

16 Apr, 2013


Mine's planted with a cosmos (chocolate) behind it to try & give it a dramatic background. No messing about with me. Lol.

16 Apr, 2013


That sounds really nice, look forward to the photos of it.

17 Apr, 2013


No sign of shoots yet, Surrey.
Actually, no sign of anything I've planted. Lol.

20 Apr, 2013


Lol mate always the way, lets hope it's still ok.

20 Apr, 2013


The packet did say they may not come up in the 1st year, so I'll keep my fingers crossed.
Oddly, virtually all of the stuff I planted in the flat, except for my gypsophila and one of my phloxes, have all come up.
Had to be the heat, I guess?

20 Apr, 2013


yes could be mate, if yours don't come up let me know i have a spare red and a white dicentra you can have.

20 Apr, 2013


Thanks, Surrey, you're a diamond geezer!
Presumably, it would come up next year?

20 Apr, 2013


lol no probs mate, yes i'd have to send it autumn time then it will come up next spring :-)

20 Apr, 2013


No, I meant my one. Lol.
Or have I been sold a lemon. ;-)

20 Apr, 2013


it may be next year mate, but i would have thought something would have come up by now, just have to wait and see if anything does happen..

20 Apr, 2013


Ain't that the truth.
Having said that, it's only been a week since our last frost, so there's still an outside chance...

20 Apr, 2013


Yes very true mate.

20 Apr, 2013


But you're not convinced, right? Lol.

20 Apr, 2013


lol does it show :-)

21 Apr, 2013


Don't want to jinx anything, but did a slughunt 'til half one this morning.
Most of them were around two new shoots, where I planted the cosmos & b/h.
Who knows, maybe things are on the up. :-)

22 Apr, 2013


Fingers crossed then mate, :-)

22 Apr, 2013


Thanks, Surrey.
Finished at 6am today. Same story...loads around these two shoots.
Mouldy...fastest tongs in the West...of Scotland. Lol.

23 Apr, 2013



23 Apr, 2013


Checked the name tags. Oops!
The cosmos one has disappeared, but I know it was behind the dicentra, however, behind THAT I forgot I'd planted a phlox (amethyst).
At least that's what the tag say's.
Daylight's just breaking, so I've had my cuppa & it's time for a last slug patrol.
Oh, the joys & glamour of gardening, eh? Lol.

24 Apr, 2013


Yep it sure is, I always have a cuppa first thing mate as I walk around slugging can't survive without one..

24 Apr, 2013


Fewer slugs last night, but lashings of rain, which filled a pint glass in just over three hrs!
I'd love to take longer breaks, as a tour of the strip clears the slugs for maybe 15 mins, but there's no pattern to the foxes' visits.
Sometimes they reappear within 20mins or, like last night, nearly 3 hrs between.
Finished at 6.15am, fell asleep around 8 & was back out at midday, planting bulbs & roots in brilliant sunshine with just a mild breeze.
It's brilliant to be finally actually doing something!
Am leaving what's left of my house-bred (Lol) ones outside tonight, as bait! ;-|
I'll be waiting, in my camping chair. Lol.
Hopefully, it won't rain too much.
Forgot to say, one of my neighbours from the next court, called ov the boys in blue around 2am.
6 turned up, then two more, then another two.
Standing with tongs in one hand, a torch in the other & a pocket full of stones with the rain belting down, surrounded by flexible-baton, pepperspray & taser armed police.
My 1st year at gardening. Priceless! LOL.

24 Apr, 2013


Blimey they were out in numbers weren't they, we're lucky if they do a drive by here !!! I called them once and they turned up 2 hours later... Rapid response or what :-)

25 Apr, 2013


The only drive-bys here are done by the gangsters, Surrey.
It was bucketing down, which tends to see a drop in crime, especially muggings, burglary & arson, so I guess they were happy (Lol) to have something to do on a quiet, but torrential night.
3 squad cars, 2 on bikes & 2 on foot, slipping on the wet grass, one hand out for balance or to grab for support & the other on weapon of choice.
Keystone Kops kept running through my head, but at that point I kept my mouth shut. Lol.
Once they were happy that I had a right to be there they relaxed enough to have a laugh.
Couldn't charge me with murdering slugs, as I pointed out.
Still, it was killing some time, I added.
They laughed au the 1st joke & pretended to laugh at the 2nd, as if they hadn't already heard it a milliom times. Lol.
Quiet last night.
Chased off the foxes twice & only found 38 slugs.
Boring! visit from the foxes, so far & 27 slugs & it's only just gone half twelve.
Mouldy, fox-chaser, slug-hunter & wanted-man.
Bet you just want to swap places, don't you? LOL!

26 Apr, 2013



27 Apr, 2013

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