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Chionodoxa luciliae Pink Giant

Chionodoxa luciliae Pink Giant (Chionodoxa Luciliae Pink Giant)

These are growing in a container, not nearly as many flowers as last year. They will be transplanted into the border when they have finished flowering

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25 Apr, 2013


Your welcome Mouldy. All these bulbs you are seeing and taking a fancy too, you can buy them in GCs etc in Autumn time ready for planting to flower next spring.

25 Apr, 2013


Noted & thanks!
Need to find a GC, though.
B & Q keep putting them out of business, one about 2 miles away only 3mths ago!!!
Probably buy over the internet
That's after lots of research, of course. Lol.

26 Apr, 2013


That's a shame Mould. I can't give advice on shopping online for plants. I've only done it once!
There are plenty others. I know my local nursery does online shopping but only at certain times of the year.
Binny Plants - I can vouch for the quality of the plants but not their online shopping.

27 Apr, 2013


It's worth knowing, especially as they'll be familiar with our weather. Lol.
Just doing an hourly fox/slug patrol tonight & keeping watch from my kitchen window, as I have a throat infection & starting to have some lung probs, so have to be a bit careful.
The joys of gardening, eh?

27 Apr, 2013


Take care Mouldy - don't do too much!
I once done a slug patrol when I came home from work one morning, 2.30am - a neighbour saw the torch light in the back garden, called the police thinking someone was up to no good!! 'the polis' had a right laugh at my expense

28 Apr, 2013


Happened to me at the very same time(!!!) Tues or Wed morning.
I kid you not. It's on one of Surreylad's pages. Lol.
Ten of them, sliding about on the wet grass in the torrential rain.
Too scared to ask the strange man to step into the dry close, so they can acertain what he's up to, as that would restrict their ability to defend themselves in such a close (lol) space.
As I said to Surrey, it was like the Keystone Kops, but that early in the proceedings I didn't dare laugh or crack a joke, as they were all hyped up.
Oh, I was merciless, once things were cleared up, but not 'til then.
My problem started, when I instructed a neighbour that she wasn't allowed to let her dog do it's business in the communal back courts.
I knew she'd call the busies...I didn't think they'd send out half the Strathclyde polis force, though. Lol.
Her man came out to apologise the following night. I guess he was worried that I'd have words with my fellow housing commitee members!
She's one of those folk who are incapable of thinking straight, when they fly into a rage, which occurs every time she doesn't get her own way.
He's not a bad guy, actually & was expecting me to give him a doin', as he tried to take the blame for making the call.
A man in love, heavens help us! Lol.
Well, the sky's yellow at the moment & it's bucketing down. A normaj day in Glasgow. ;-)

28 Apr, 2013


Neighbours, eh!!! You'll get your own back one day Mouldy! Why would you let your dog do its business in a communal area - that's the quickest way to get your neighbours to hate you.
A man in love - well I could say something but it would be rude ;)

29 Apr, 2013


Nah, bygones & all that.
Life's too short to waste on the petty stuff.
It must be love for him, however, as they've been together for about five years.
That or he likes being henpecked. Lol.

29 Apr, 2013


Forgot to ask, big does it grow?

20 May, 2013

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