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Flowering Bougainvillea/ Mango Tree

Flowering Bougainvillea/ Mango Tree (Flowering Bougainvillea/ Mango Tree)

The Bougainvillea was in full bloom and the mango tree is flushing new growth, which is a dark maroon. Photo taken July 16, 2013 in San Diego, CA.

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Wow what a wonderful sight :o))

18 Jul, 2013


Thanks! Yes, with all the very hot and humid weather for the last 3 months, everything here in San Diego is growing like crazy

19 Jul, 2013


Going a bit crazy here too Delonix....So hot here.....

21 Jul, 2013



Yes, I've read about all the heat there. It sounds like you're getting the hot summer you've been waiting for the last two years. I can't believe how many people who've died from the heat wave's crazy and sad! :>(
The heat there is only close to what we have on average here in inland San Diego; however, I know it's subjective. I know the people there in the UK are not used to such high temps normally. I read this is why more than 700 people have died from from the heat wave in the UK.

When we had our big heat wave a couple of weeks ago, the temps in many inland areas of California were consistently above 105ºF (41ºC) with muggy conditions.

22 Jul, 2013


Fantastic colours...

22 Jul, 2013



23 Jul, 2013



Thanks! Almost all the Bougainvilleas here bloom like this one. I've posted many photos on GoY.

This mango tree is not very large. It's only around 25ft (7.6m) tall. I have photos of larger ones here. They typically do not grow larger than 30ft (10m) tall here in San Diego. In the tropics, of course, your know they become giants of more than 90 ft (28m) tall.

I've been to Europe many times; however, never to the UK. I would guess (like you said) their homes are not set up for a lot of heat. Although, I've looked at their temps over the last couple of weeks. The dew points (which measures true moisture in the air) and it was only in the 50's F. our dew points here in San Diego are much higher (along with higher temps) making it much more humid. Our summer here in most of San Diego are pretty humid, especially when we have a long, strong monsoonal flow (which we've had this year). The last week has been perfect, not too much hot weather. YAY!

29 Jul, 2013


Yes, it is interesting. I'm never concerned with the actual temperature when I visit the tropics. I always look at the heat index. As you know, the heat index is what the actual temp feels like against your skin. It can be very deceiving and dangerous at the same time. Sometimes a temp of around 90ºF (32ºC) can have an heat index of 105ºF (40.5ºC) or more, especially in the direct sun.

31 Jul, 2013


Oh yes, we know all about the heat index and the humidity. Stop reminding me. I do feel for those over in England who've been suffering with the heat though. It's certainly been extreme this year it seems.

Just had to say, though the Bougie looks spectacular, I wouldn't want the job of keeping it trimmed! Ouch!

4 Aug, 2013


That's funny! :>) I know our heat index must be nothing compared to the heat indices you experience there in summer. Although last August it was so bad here I was sick...and many people ended up in emergency rooms throughout the Southland from heat exhaustion and heat stroke. My energy bills in August and September, from the A/C was the highest ever!

I think your heat and humidity is compared to what south Florida experiences, oppressive!

4 Aug, 2013


Yep, oppressive would be the appropriate word, Andy. Brutal also comes to mind.

4 Aug, 2013


I'm sure the word "brutal" would be a better description.
The summer of 2006 was a brutally hot and humid summer here. I recorded the highest heat index on one day, which was 135ºF (57.2ºC)...this was so extremely rare for here in inland San Diego.

4 Aug, 2013


Now that is brutal. Thank goodness it's rare. I don't think we've ever managed to get to that here.

4 Aug, 2013


This happened in July of 2006. Summer of 2006 was the hottest summer recorded for many cities in California. It was HORRIBLE! So many people and livestock died during the severe heatwaves. This is why we have a very good warming system in place with the National Weather Service.

For the last week the weather has been below normal. Actually, we've been getting record low-high temps. It's only been between 78 - 84ºF (26 - 29ºC) for inland areas. These are some of the coolest temps ever recorded.

It's been fine with me though. No A/C and just the fans running. I can't tolerate really hot weather, anymore.

4 Aug, 2013


Summer of 2012-2013 was apparently the hottest on record for our country, and there were some pretty horrid highs in some of the southern states. Up here in the north though it was business as usual, and we didn't get extremes like so many other spots around Oz.

Your summer temps this year sounds brilliant. We're also having a particularly mild winter over here. I know our winters are pretty mild anyway, but the temps are just a little higher than usual.

5 Aug, 2013


I've read about he horrible heat of 2012 - 2013 there in Australia. I know Sydney had their all-time high temp ever recorded back in January.

Actually, in June and most of July was very hot and humid. Some of the temps here in inland California and the deserts were the highest temps in many decades. This is why I'm so glad the temps have been below normal for the last week. The hot weather is not over, though. Our hottest weather is yet to come: Mid-August - Oct and even into November many times...because November is statically the sunniest month in San Diego.

5 Aug, 2013

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