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Daylily 'Greywoods Nautical Nellie'


By Simbad

Daylily 'Greywoods Nautical Nellie' (hemerocallis)

A new one the year before last, first time I've seen this great eye, love it.

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This is a really great photo:)

23 Jul, 2013


It is breathtaking!

25 Jul, 2013


Aaaaw thankyou :-)
I must go take a picture in a minute I have a poly flower on 'Lurch' its huge!!!!!, quite breezy here today and several of the spiders have been ruined lets hope its still in one piece ;-)

29 Jul, 2013


It's just amazing how you can remember all the names when you've got hundreds of them!

22 Oct, 2013


Aha Tommymo I do have a plan of the daylily bed so I know where they all are but do know most of them, now the seedlings are a different matter I have to make sure the labels are well hidden in the pots to hide them from the magpies.

22 Oct, 2013


Do the magpies love to play with the labels? I've read people complaining about their playful (?) nature but I've never had magpie problems so I don't know what kind of naughty stuff they do.

23 Oct, 2013


They're terrors but quite commical to watch, they pull all my labels out and scatter them everywhere, last year I woke early in the morning to a right racket opened the curtains to see 5 or 6 of them pulling all the heads off the yellow and red daylilies!!!!, flowers everywhere obviously didn't like the colour lol, I can laugh now but didn't find it funny then, luckily that was the only time they did it, another time we caught them ripping the stuffing out of a garden chair completely wrecked it, remind me of a gang of naughty teenagers, they do make me laugh when I put bread out though they bury it all over the garden making a hole with their beaks and then covering with leaves clever creatures, I've seen them come back at lunch time to the exact spot to uncover their dinner, mind you when we had Fudge he used to sniff it out lol.

23 Oct, 2013


lol (sorry I laughed).
A few months ago our neighbour's sheep (not all of them, thank goodness, probably 6 or so) managed to make way to our garden through a wire fence while we weren't there and munched away some of our flowers, raspberry leaves and in addition, pulled out "ipomea" (sp? sweet potato plant) to eat the leaves (only one). We found lots of "droppings" lying about on the ground and thought they were deer's but when we confronted the neighbour, he confessed they were his sheep's! He knew his animals had escaped and came to our garden but kept his mouth shut until we asked him about it. How sneaky of him :-( But I like sheep. They are stinky but cute :p

24 Oct, 2013


You'd think if he was going to hide the fact it was his sheep he'd have picked up the droppings!!!!! very sneaky, thank goodness we have no sheep nearby, have had a deer in the garden once antlers and everything lol thought I was hallucinating when I saw it, not something we see often here, must have come from a nearby wood.

25 Oct, 2013


I've never seen a single deer in our garden. Maybe Lucy's presence scared them away. You saw antlers?????????? I've never seen one anywhere before (even in the zoo). Please take a picture next time you see them (both deer and antlers)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

25 Oct, 2013


Thats the only one I've ever seen Tommymoo well in my garden lol, have been told that if you go out early enough in the morning they can be seen on some open ground outside the wood I think this one came from, I'll keep my camera at the ready :-), it was only a small one but pretty big antlers for its size, something must have scared it for it to get to my garden quite a busy road to cross.

27 Oct, 2013

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