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Tomato 'Marmande' 1st fruit deformed with BER on balcony 25-07-2013


By Balcony

Tomato 'Marmande' 1st fruit deformed with BER on balcony 25-07-2013

The very 1st fruit of Tomato 'Marmande' deformed with BER on our balcony. I had to cut it out along with the 2 closest as they were beginning to rot. The rest of the fruit on the same truss is fine & growing very well.

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that's a shame...

8 Sep, 2013


I did find a few more a couple of weeks later & most were on the same plant.

It maybe that this particular variety is more susceptible to BER as I have several plants of this variety growing on the allotment & I found a few fruits there also with BER. I can't remember having found any fruits in the greenhouse with BER. I only have one of this variety there.

11 Sep, 2013


well that may in its self indicate that its not transmitted or if it were the over plants are like you say more resistant...

may be might be able to fine a way to help prevent it next time around if you chose that particular tomatoe plant again..

12 Sep, 2013


It's not a transmittable illness just a cultivation problem. It happens when the plants have dried out a little when the fruit is just beginning to grow. As it is on the bottom of the fruit it can be difficult to see till the fruit gets big or perhaps not until they are harvested.

I believe the lack of calcium in the growing medium is also a significant cause of BER. Some varieties are more susceptible than others to BER. That may be the case of this variety. None of the other 3 varieties I've grow this year have shown this fault.

19 Sep, 2013


makes sense when put that way.... ta.

19 Sep, 2013


" None of the other 3 varieties I've grow this year have shown this fault."

At least that is what I thought till today! I went down to the allotment this morning & picked lots more tomatoes & I found one fruit on 'Gardener's Delight' that had BER! It's funny how it's only 1 fruit as the rest on the same truss are perfectly OK!

23 Sep, 2013


yes it may be you just caught on time...

23 Sep, 2013


All the tomato plants on the allotments are now infected with blight. :-(( I picked all the tomatoes that were showing the most minimum of colour to take home. I had to uproot & throw away the 'Garden Pearl' plants - with 100's of baby tomatoes still on them. ;-((

The remaining 2 varieties on my plot were stripped of their leaves. For some branches it will be too late as I saw a ring of black/brown around them.

Strangely enough the 4 plants of 'Moneymaker' I have on Gerry's allotment seem to be OK at present (on Wednesday that is) but then I didn't go near them once I had touched my plants on my plot! Nor did I go into the greenhouse where there are two tomato plants still, one of 'Marmande' & one of 'Gardener's Delight', both heavy with unripened fruit.

26 Sep, 2013


not good at all sadly.... rain forecast at weekend too....

26 Sep, 2013

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