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Passiflora caerulea


By Mouldy

Passiflora caerulea

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You're right HB.
The structure is fantastic & the colours mind-blowing!
I'm awaiting my red one (Aleta) to come into bloom.

14 Aug, 2013



14 Aug, 2013


Oh, very very nice Mouldy. Will this survive winter up here, I've always been reluctant to buy one.

14 Aug, 2013


They always remind me of kiwi fruit.

15 Aug, 2013


I guess we'll soon find out, Scottish. Lol.
To be honest, I'm disappointed at how few blooms the passions produce, but I didn't want to reject them out of hand without giving them a go.
Mel, your mind's eye is nearly as strange as mine, but I can see what you're saying.

16 Aug, 2013


I will see what happens to yours before I partake :)

18 Aug, 2013


They can flower quite prolifically. A neighbour of my mother's had a huge rambling passion flower with hundreds of blooms. Sadly, I don't know what her secret was.

18 Aug, 2013


Gee, Scottish, thanks! As my mum used to say..."Why have a dog & bark?". Lol.
My 1st one, planted in March, nearly died on me, Mel, due to all that frost, snow & bitterly cold wind & is still suffering to a great extent, so I don't expect it to flower this year.
I bought the Aleta to replace it, but gave it a last chance (Many times) & it survived.
This photo is from the 2nd Caerulea I bought. Impulse buy, you understand. Lol.
HB, who could have known how savage last winter would be?
That's the risk of gardening, I guess...planting out & trusting to luck.
I've definately pushed mine on my 1st venture into gardening. Lol.

19 Aug, 2013


Impulse buy... What's that? Lol!

19 Aug, 2013


It seems to afflict gardener's, in particular, with no known cure to date. ;-)

19 Aug, 2013


Too true!

19 Aug, 2013


Lidl's have a tempting offer on spring bulbs from the 22 Sept.
I'm already losing the battle. Lol.

19 Aug, 2013


Stunning passion flower I bought 1 at weekend in B&M bargains and Horizon compost its fantastic.

I noticed to at Lidls spring bulbs great price .

Now where can I plant more bulbs.

I am have to take the passion flower in to conservatory on winter.

20 Aug, 2013


I'm going to leave mine in the garden over winter.
Actually, I'm going to leave all three out.
One has already survived that frozen spell we had at the start of this year!
We'll find out if they're born Spartans.

20 Aug, 2013


I thought I had lost a Passion Flower - only to see it had chosen to grow on the other side of the fence and was scrambling up through a neighbours cherry tree - luckily they like it! :o)

27 Aug, 2013


I thought one of my nasturtiums was a dud, Shirley, 'til I scrambled next door to prop up a sunflower from the back & discovered the vast bulk of it was absconding, piecemeal.
It was flowering like the blazes...only out of sight of the garden!

29 Aug, 2013


So like a nasturtium! Social climber with no sense of loyalty...

29 Aug, 2013


LOL Melchisedec!!!

30 Aug, 2013


I think I hit the nail on the head by abbreviating their name to 'nasties'! Lol.

1 Sep, 2013


That looks Like A kiwi- Fruit. Very Nice.

11 Sep, 2013


Twit that I am, I double-posted.
Please see comments, below.

13 Sep, 2013


It does a bit, doesn't it, but it's fruits are orange.
You should have a decko at Stevietheterrible. (The polyTunnel King!).
He's an expert on these & has brought them to fruit, which is how I know they're orange.
He's also a whizz inventor! Lol.

13 Sep, 2013

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