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Clematis viticella 'Etoile Violette'

Clematis viticella 'Etoile Violette'

I've dumped a few Clems this year as I had far too many of the large viticellas which were weighing down other plants and weren't performing well at all. A lot of them suffer because I planted them too close to the fence and they dry out, which is really bad for a clematis, especially when it's young. This one is doing's safe!

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It looks a nice sensibly sized flower and is really looking very happy where it is growing.

19 Aug, 2013


Like all purple flowers the camera has made it too blue WR. The colour is gorgeous in real life!

19 Aug, 2013


Try a photo at dusk, Karen, with flash.
The result is fabulous!
Did one last evening of my clem jackmanii.
Note to self : get the damn photo uploaded!
Unfortunely, my purple petunia resisted this ploy & still looks blue.

20 Aug, 2013


Thanks Mouldy, I shall try that! :)

20 Aug, 2013


I see my spelign is still louwzy. Lol.

20 Aug, 2013


Ach...spelling schmelling Mouldy...even great spellers get in to trouble with IPad spellchecker, which is a FIEND! I curse you spellchecker!! And also my sticky space bar which is the other bane of my online life....curses on you also space bar!!

20 Aug, 2013


Steady on, Karen!
Have a glass of something soothing, kick back & chillax.
There, isn't that better?
Now, you can listen to me rant...about Goy erasing my faves, yet again!
When will they get this problem resolved, once & for all?
How am I supposed to plan for winter & next spring, when the photos I've placed in my faves keep doing a bunk?
A quick glug of voddie 'n' orange (one of my 5 a day, you understand) & the solution becomes obvious.
I'll download the photos to my phone.
Top up?
Go on, you deserve it. Lol.

20 Aug, 2013


thanks Mouldy....cheers! ....sigh!

21 Aug, 2013


Actually, had a glass of grigio & spat the 1st mouthfull all over the place, last night.
Talk about vinegar!
To be honest, I wouldn't sully a bag of chips with that garbage.
It wasn't corked...jurt unbelievably sour.
Oh, no, it was voddie for us, aftter that, although I was in two minds about sending my pal back to the off-sales on her own!
It took nearly a quarter of voddie, before the trauma started to wear off! ;-)

21 Aug, 2013


LOL! That really made me chuckle...I don't like Pinot Grigio either. You're better with a Sauvignon Blanc or a Chablis I reckon...but don't go near that awful tastes of petrol and gives me a terrible migraine to boot!

21 Aug, 2013


Not a PG fan either and LOL to Mouldy's justification of Vodka & orange being one of his five a day! Lovely Clem :o)

22 Aug, 2013


Had a nice merlot last night.
Was so good we had another & Syl, my pa,l had a wingdinger of a hangover this morning. Lol.
Me, I never get hungover...I dehydrate instead. Weird or what?
Annie, I had to have another four, in order to follow govt health guidelines. ;-)

23 Aug, 2013



28 Aug, 2013


It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it. %-}

29 Aug, 2013

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