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a local field of sunflowers

a local field of sunflowers

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18 Aug, 2013


Stunning ,it looks huge !

27 Aug, 2013


thanks K!.... It is very tall for it's age, Amy. It's young yet as you can tell by their centres. I planted three behind the greenhouse and one is trying to reach above the greenhouse for more sun! It's just budding now and I think it will make at least 15 ft. tall! Our season is drawing to a close and it's getting very cool at night...last week it was down to 6 degrees C. brrrr..... had to bring my orchids indoors.

28 Aug, 2013


We went from Friday> 90 f to >only 65 f today Monday. So it feels suddenly cold. 90 is far too hot for me. We have some very busy bees going in a gap in our soffit board, discovered today. Flying even in the rain. I rang the bee man for a chat. He said there are several types of bees that grow colonies and might use such a site. He said ,if not honey bees, they will die out. Wait till February and a mild sunny day and, if they reappear they are a honey bee colony and would professional removal. He is a swarm removal beekeeper helper and very knowing.

9 Sep, 2013


Gosh, you could have your own hive! We have had a problem with wasps this year...I was stung a number of times when I passed the lawn mower over their nest. The other wasps are the yellow-jackets and they have made a chamber in the soffits...I used specialized spray for yellowjackets and got myself stung again! I loathe using poisons but they were directly above the backdoor and I was worried that a good slam of the door might bring them out in force! Their stings are very painful. Sadly we haven't seen many honeybees this year. Plenty of the big yellow and black bumblebees though. Took a walk thro the meadow today and the asters are fairly buzzing with bumblebees and the flies that look like bees...I was tempted to take a short video of them and post it.

11 Sep, 2013

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