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By Mouldy


Unknown variety...often a problem with Lidl-bought plants. Lol.

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Mass of flowers on it mate, looks great.

20 Aug, 2013


It's quadrupled in size, since planting, Surrey, so I'll have to think about moving it for next year...along with most of the stuff in the whatsit!
Lot's of rethinks at the mo'. Lol.

23 Aug, 2013


I changed my mind about this one earlier in the year, but, now I see how pretty it looks, it's on my list for next year.

I put my (there's always lots) rethinks in a wee note book which, keeps me mentally busy during the winter. Then in the spring, I start my rethinks again, they're... usually different to the ones that kept me busy in winter! I did a blog called "scrapbooks".

3 Sep, 2013


I'll check it out, Helium.
I seem to be re-thinking several times a day, at the mo', but it's all churning around in my head all the time.
I've been a lucky 1st timer, so far, but want to apply what I've learnt & what I've been able to glean from other Goyers for next year, yet know I'll have to stay flexible, as the best laid plans...Lol!
Most of my re-thinks involve just moving what I've already planted, thankfully, or so I thought.
Oh, how naive & innocent I was, then...three and a half months ago! ;-)

4 Sep, 2013


Yip, Mouldy.. that is one of the classic signs - planning next year before this one has finished - you've definitely been bitten by something known as the gardening bug, for which, there is no known cure - your attempts to resist all things green will be futile - your life will never be the same again - isn't that just "FAB"news!! Lol!

PS Is it time to get that notebook and pencil?

4 Sep, 2013


Scottish advised me the exact same thing a while back, Helium. Lol.
I had it all prepared, but due to the prolonged winter I deliberately didn't employ it...everything budding & blooming at the wrong times, etc.
No excuse for failing to take notes, I admit, but more about that in my next blog. Lol.
Now, however, it's time for me to knuckle down, ask myriad questions & do some serious studying.
Cheers for the reminder and also for your succinct diagnosis of my new 'green' condition. ;-)

4 Sep, 2013


Your welcome! Enjoy your studying!

5 Sep, 2013


GORGEOUS plant . . . I had no idea that Gypsophila could be anything but white! I wonder if it will seed itself around . . .

5 Sep, 2013


Gee, Helium, I'll try, honest I wil. ;-)
Sheilab - I've a white one in the border, which hasn't bloomed yet.
Someone else on Goy has planted several, all different colours, around her pond, but I've forgotten who. Lol.

6 Sep, 2013

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