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Clematis jackmanii


By Mouldy

Clematis jackmanii

Photo taken at dusk with phone camera and using in-built flash.
Finally, the true purple of the flower & not the 'blue' the camera 'sees' during the day!

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Nice colour mate, great plants.

20 Aug, 2013


That does look pretty in its true colours too!

21 Aug, 2013


A lucky accident on my part.
Didn't work on my purple petunia, though. Lol.

21 Aug, 2013


It's lovely Mouldy ... I have the same problem with my little camera ... a gorgeous deep purple Gladiolus shows up as a 'wishy-washy' blue on the screen ... :o(

27 Aug, 2013


It probably bounces the sunlight back at the camera, Shirley.
I find I have to block the light with white flowers or all detail is blurred.

29 Aug, 2013


I have taken pics of that Gladdie morning, noon and night - not one shows the true colour of it though ... :o(

30 Aug, 2013


Sorry to hear that, Shirley! :-(
I tried numerous times with the petunias on the same evening as the clem, but to no avail.
Strange, innit?
Maybe down to perception of the human eye...

1 Sep, 2013


Indeed ... having a colour blind husband doesn't help either! .....

2 Sep, 2013


I take it he doesn't get to choose the decor in your home, then? Lol.

2 Sep, 2013


Perish the thought Mouldy - psychedelic comes to mind if he did! But it's sad in some ways as he never sees the fields of red Poppies or the red berries on trees and shrubs - just shapes in darker shades of green - :o(

2 Sep, 2013


Is my memory serving well in thinking that, in the vast majority of human colour-blindness cases, it's red that sufferers can't see, but there are a few rarer cases of green, which they can only see as shades of grey?
Note, I didn't go for the easy joke.
I'm made of sterner stuff, y'see. ;-)

5 Sep, 2013


Yes, that seems to be the way of things - OH left school to train as a cartographer and that's when the colour blindness was discovered - imagine what crazy maps he could have made though! ... :o)

5 Sep, 2013



6 Sep, 2013

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