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rose yel 130901

rose yel 130901 (rosa tiddlius)

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I like this one. Looks like the healthy one old stylish rose.

10 Sep, 2013


thanks, Kat. Yes, I like roses that look like "proper" roses, simple elegance - even better if scented!

11 Sep, 2013


And is it scented?

11 Sep, 2013


not that I noticed! I did give it a sniff in the shop; maybe it'll come later, but doubt it - scent-making takes up lot of rose's energy, so they bred it out to make rose last longer. Still, half a loaf ...

11 Sep, 2013


yes a old stylish looking rose... great!

17 Oct, 2013


just hope it's survived the squirrels and rain! squirrels here are very invasive, and keep knocking pots over, sometimes spilling the plant out completely, so I put this and the red one I bought with it into a small trouch to keep them upright. but with the rain we've been having, they were awash! Tipped it all out, no blooms now, maybe it's just the season and I won't know till next year if they survived

17 Oct, 2013


we have many squirrels this way as well.... but never do that much damage so far that is... well you thought out how perhaps to mange it!! very industrious...

17 Oct, 2013


our gardens are in a large oblong, with a green in between, big enough for about ten mature trees. The squirrels are very used to being around people and are cheeky little b-blighters!

I'm one of the few trying to make something of their garden, so it is a bit like putting out a welcome mat. They dig into the pots, shoving the plants aside, which die unless I notice and put them back. One year I lost five troughs of pansies and then five of petunias.

But I'm moving to Shrewsbury at the end of the month, so the next tenant here can have the joy of the little "darlings"!

17 Oct, 2013


i see! now you have explained i get it....very interesting...unless (like me ) you happen to be in a situation like that its hard to understand why it happens..

we do have a lot of oaks are way that must keep them busy...and they are very well fed along with the birds because most out in are rural areas put out loads of the stuff all the time !!!
plus our houses are quite far apart from each other with a few exceptions....

Then what are they eating the plants/bulbs or just playing (inquisitive ) it will be nice to have that new place...i like you if i were in your situation would be very pleased to say the least...

from Jane...

18 Oct, 2013


Squirrels are intelligent little so-and-so's - did you see the TV programmes Daylight Robbery, years ago? (I've got the DVD, Daylight Robbery 2, so there must have been one before it, but i've not been able to track it down). They set up an assualt course for squirrels to see if they could work out how to get the reward. It seems like an awful lot of trouble to go to for a nut! but they tried it repeatedly, though only one (female, ta-da!!!!!)succeeded in getting the whole way through. After the first time, she did it with no probs, time and again. The others never learned how, even though they were probably watching.

It might be "fake burying" - which would then probably result in something else digging up what they thought was a buried nut, so you'd get two for the price of one!

Round here, not many others seem to be doing much with their gardens, so maybe I'm sort of hanging out an incitation - all the other gardens are proper, plants in the ground; mine is paved so I have to use pots, which might also make a difference.

Or it could be exploration, just checking out what's new in their area. Or just kids being kids and vandalising stuff for the fun of it.

I did think of netting, but wiht a space this small, it would have been better to cover the whole garden. And it'd have to be pretty strong stuff, given that they can get through wire mesh bird feeders.

Have you tried sliced chili? it seemed to work for a while - maybe I didn't put out enough later, or they got used to it.

lol later I resorted to more direct action. When I heard one outside, I'd take my broom and aim for the fence near to them - thoguht if I could put enough of a scare into them, they'd learn to keep away. Their invasions certainly decreased after I'd done that a few times. But the lesson wears off and has to be repeated - besides, it would have to be taught individually, so that every one of them would get it.

18 Oct, 2013


:-))))... you may just miss them ;-)))) (when you go)

18 Oct, 2013


lol doubt it! and if I do, I can always try enticing the new lot to keep me company!!

18 Oct, 2013



19 Oct, 2013

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