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Surveying his domain! (looking for frogs)

Surveying his domain!  (looking for frogs)

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ITS one big adventure!!! what a very blessed cat....

23 Sep, 2013


He's such a good cat too. comes when he's called (most of the time) and sleeps on my bed til six a.m. when he gets down and wakes hubby to let him out! Today I worked in the forest picking up and collecting deadfall in piles that I will eventually bring down to the firepit. Rufus was with me all day..he's a great supervisor. He's sleeping already..was a long day.

24 Sep, 2013


Is this Rufus Lorilyn? He looks gorgeous.

My Willow catches frogs, & brings them indoors if she gets half a chance, but she has never killed one yet!
I usually manage to rescue them and they go hopping away none the worse for their narrow squeak!!!

24 Sep, 2013


Oh Shirl...that made me smile! I have taken many away from him but Rufus is not as gentle as your Willow. I took a chipmunk from Rufus last week...and he was highly insulted. I keep telling him he can't have his cake and eat it too!

24 Sep, 2013


Gosh - a chipmunk!
We don't get those here of course, are they really cute as depicted or are they spiteful little critters?!

p.s. .... or his chipmunk!!!!

24 Sep, 2013


lol...yes...or his chipmunk~ Chipmunks are sweet little critters...also called ground squirrels. they have burrows in the ground and don't do much harm unless they get into your root cellar! I have a Degu, which is much like a smaller version of a chinchilla without all the extra fur! We have to be vigilant about keeping Rufus away from his cage and he has no fear of the cat...sniffing noses between the bars of his cage. He wouldn't have a chance if Rufus caught him out of it.

24 Sep, 2013


sounds wonderful to me...... being in a forest all day and Rufus by your side.....

Do you see many wild mushrooms and such like??

25 Sep, 2013


Yes I have many pics of all the fungi growing on our hill, Jane. Some may be edible but I don't know enough to make distinctions...ergo better safe than sorry. I haven't tried to eat any that I've found..just took pictures. Have a pic of one that was growing near a downed was large..(dinnerplate size) brown and it stank like decay! I think I have posted some pics of it. It had the shape of a boletus but the smell ...whew!
I'm on here later than usual today because Rufus decided that he wanted to stay out 'til almost dark. Hub and I were getting a little frantic, but true to the saying...the cat came back! thank goodness!

26 Sep, 2013


well iam pleased for you both that Rufas came home safely..... i see mushrooms and fungi more often than i did now days.....but i think thats because iam more interested to look out for them than i was before :)

26 Sep, 2013


I've made a separate file of all the fungi pics ...60 or so pictures, and should really find the time to put them in order and do a blog. I never knew that there were so many different mushrooms/toadstools ..or the distinction between the two. There are some wonderfully colourful kinds but as with some animals and reptiles brilliant colours usually are a warning! I worked on the stream nearest the road today and Rufus pulled another fast one...he was with me most of the time but as it neared 4 pm I decided to call it quits and looked about for the sign...I reply...on impulse I crossed the stream and stepped out onto the road...and there was Rufus waaay down at the corner..(about 1/4 mile) Now I know that I can still run the 1/4 mile! He was hiding in the ferns at the side of the road, so I had to go tromping into the bush to find him! Carried him all the way home while he squirmed and wriggled...He's in for the day!

26 Sep, 2013


So it would seem he realized you might soon head of home and he was not he made it escape... do you think there may be something up that way that has caught his interest?? you did well to find him and run all that way :) well done you....

26 Sep, 2013


aha! You have it, Jane. That area is a deer crossing and the wild turkeys are there too... I wonder if he thought he was hunting turkeys! lol... (I'm still recovering from the sprint...stupid thing to do, though. I'm no spring chicken. Amazing what a shot of adrenalin will do!

26 Sep, 2013


:):) you will seem him one day charging out of the woods riding one of those turkeys..... :):)

hope your all right today and recovered lorilyn...

27 Sep, 2013


LOL...what a picture that presents to the mind's eye! He has chased turkeys away from the birdfeeder...the birds are quite shy and they didn't care for his attitude! they are huge birds..with long necks, strong beaks and sharp clawed feet. wouldn't want to tangle with them.
Thanks for the well wishes...I am feeling well today but managed to pinch my finger working with the rocks in the stream! Never

28 Sep, 2013


and you bravely march on :)

28 Sep, 2013


eh, eh...little soldier me! ;-)

28 Sep, 2013

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