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Leaves are falling fast....

Leaves are falling fast....

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great photo so we can see that they are fulling...

11 Oct, 2013


it's interesting to see the transmission of colour across the hills...Maples, ash, basswood (tilia), and birch seem to be the earliest to colour and present the oaks and aspen/poplar are very bright. They are the last to fall so the high oak covered hills are bronze and beside the lakes and in the valleys the poplars are brilliant yellow.

11 Oct, 2013


do you like how if it snows each tree has a very different sculptured look brought about by the snow settled on its branches???

11 Oct, 2013


As much as I dread the onset of the cold time, I love the winter whiteness. according to what I've heard via an Almanac, we are in for a very bitterly cold winter here in Eastern Ontario so I'm going to try to be extra nice to all my shrubs and perennials and tuck them in with a nice mulch to see them thro the cold. Then I plan to den-up and become a bear. Wake me when it's spring! ;-)

11 Oct, 2013


:-))) i can only but imaging how cold it would be....

11 Oct, 2013


When we lived in Northern Ontario we had weeks, sometimes months, where the day time highs never got above minus 20 degrees C. VERY cold. Coldest we ever experienced up there was minus 60 C. not counting the wind chill factor.

11 Oct, 2013


yes thats cold.....shivering thinking of it!!!

12 Oct, 2013


it's so different from anything I've experienced before...the snow is dry and crystalline, it makes a noise when you walk on it, crunch, crunch, crunch...The tires of cars are flatsided until they warm up and round out. The foam seats of cars freeze and sitting in your car is like sitting on a bench! Assuming of course, that you can actually start your car as the oil in the engine is thick and sludgy!...You can never walk far, (especially into the wind), without covering all but your eyes to protect your skin. If one's cheeks are bare you must watch for white spots ..and the same for one's nose!

12 Oct, 2013


i do in some ways remember winters like that here...but i was a year i could not make it to school (and it was just a walk down to the bottom of our street) because of the snow...every-time i tried to walk i fell was so slippery...i remember cold frozen car seats and the dust like snow too...we have had such like in resent years...

i remember watching a program on the Antarctic...and someone was gently warming up the petrol tank on a truck by running the flame from his lighter! to heat it through...¿¿
‽‽‽ "oh!!!my" lori...

13 Oct, 2013


I had a big drop last week on a cool night, but back to not even a frost. Longest autumn I can remember since moving here. We should be a few snows in with minuses celsius. Hope autumn is dragging out for you too! :-)

15 Oct, 2013


LOL...Jane, I know just what you mean... like they are selected for extinction because they do stupid, thoughtless things but so lucky that they get away with their stupidity!(most of the time) Ethyline Glycol or "antifreeze" is what keeps radiators from freezing and the transmission oil and crankcase oil becomes like sludgy treacle. Most engines in extreme climates have block heaters which plug into an electric outlet and keep the engine block warm. Gas lines freeze and fuel is a special mixture for cold temps...I thought I had forgotten all this "arctic" Prefer to enjoy the aesthetics of a frosty white winter and ignore the technological inconveniences!
Hi Gt! We are having the same autumn we had two autumns ago...frost and cold at the first of Sept. and then October and most of November are balmy. I'm getting plenty of work done because I can work in the coolness, no blackflies and mosquitoes. Is this change because of your move to a valley? or is it global warming? Schizzo weather is the rule down here.

15 Oct, 2013


lol!!! :-))))) ;-)

16 Oct, 2013


Who knows. We are matching records from the 50's so not completely strange yet. But I've never had rain Oct 17 for as long as I've lived here. The whole area is experiencing it, not just my hill, though I don't get as cold, (or as hot). I cut the garden about 1 month ago after a snow day. Things I left are standing and blooming again! Pansies of course ;-)

18 Oct, 2013


The little ice pansies are the prettiest things...and made of cast iron, it seems. First things to bloom in the spring (along with snow drops) and the last thing blooming in the fall. We've had rain but not very much accumulation. My little stream is still dry. Hope the snow can hold off for at least another month. Last year our first snow was Nov. 17!

22 Oct, 2013


I hope it holds out for you! I'm hoping for rain any day. Last year this time we were half a foot deep and -13 C. This is great but weird. :-)

28 Oct, 2013


Do you suppose the state of the Pacific Ocean has anything to do with our strangely warm weather?

30 Oct, 2013


The pacific specifically dictates our weather. The air current comes northeastnorth right off the pacific across the state. Coastal breezes and the river valley breeze here in the interior pull it other directions, but generally, pacific rules our weather. Finally a good freeze and some snow, last night, right after a few days of new record highs.

1 Nov, 2013

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