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Coffea arabica - Coffee Tree

Coffea arabica - Coffee Tree (Coffea arabica - Coffee Tree)

This is little coffee tree is doing very well. It was planted about two years ago and was very small. It looks good and no brown-tipping which typically happens from our horrible water here in San Diego, CA. Photo taken in the Medicinal Garden, Balboa Park, San Diego, CA.

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Mine dried up. I will buy it again.

17 Oct, 2013


Did you grow it in shade? When small they must have quite a bit of shade, especially during hot weather. Even when they're larger they still need some shade.

17 Oct, 2013


I was growing it in a pot indoors, in the shade. I want to try growing it again.

21 Oct, 2013


Coffee plants can be a bit touchy. They're very tropical; however, don't like too much excessive heat. They also need a lot of water with acidic soil.

My tree is still alive; although, the last couple of years it hasn't grown very much and doesn't look like the beautiful tree it once was for many years. I noticed ever since my neighbor's large Oleanders died, it's suffered. It may have to be moved.

21 Oct, 2013


I have one three years now growing outdoors in the SF bay area. I planted it from seedlings that were in the $1 bin at Lowes. about 16" tall. They need to be fertilized with acid fertilizers or they will just sit and sulk. In my back yard there is rarely a frost,but 2013 was one cold week..and it did fine - never covered other then the natural cover of Podocarpus trees.
BUT- Coffee plants in pots always died on me outdoors. In ground (so to speak) does wonders for them.

2 Sep, 2014


I do know they grow in protected areas of the San Francisco Bay Area. I had one; however, the 1990 freeze did it in (even in a protected spot).

I have an 8' tall coffee tree in my front yard. It did well for 8 years and was a very heavy producer of flowers and coffee cherries. For some reason now it's declining and I'm not sure what's wrong with it. I have several photos of it posted with tons of coffee cherries. I usually have several seedlings popping up under the tree during winter.

2 Sep, 2014


They cant take dry soils. That's always been fatal indoors. I would get them to about 3'..looking good,and then one hot summer day by the window and I didn't water? killed them outright. The one outdoors cant go more then 3 days in summer without water...and 3 is pushing it.
You might try using an extra heavy mulch under it.

2 Sep, 2014


My coffee tree get quite a bit of water. I think it's the combination of the horrible water and maybe too much sun. When my neighbor's Oleander used to shade the tree it grew so much better. I may try to move it to a better shadier spot. I'm not sure how well they transplant, though.

Here's some photos of when it was growing well.

3 Sep, 2014

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