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My Pot Map

My Pot Map

I can never remember what I plant where. Labels seem to disappear. Having just planted up this large planter I decided to make a visual record of what went in to it. Thanks to member Gee I was able to use Powerpoint to help me.

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That's a good idea Scotsgran. I have Erodium Bishops form in the garden and it flowers for most of the year here, a lovely plant :o)

6 Nov, 2013


Hi Annella . I do have that Erodium in another part of the garden. I know it flowers longer than June -Aug but I was writing down the info on the labels. I intend to use the same format to show it in different months. After a year i can update that info to be particular to my garden from 1.11.13 -1.11.14. I hope to gradually get the rest of the garden mapped too. Good intentions however do not always transfer to good record keeping.

6 Nov, 2013


Now that's a good idea. I wish I had the patience to do it ! because I haven't got a memory these days ...

7 Nov, 2013


Join the club Hywel. It would probably be just as good if you took the photo and noted alongside what you can see. I took quite a time to do this first one but once you have a photograph of what you want to map it is easier. Also I copied this template and saved it in grayscale. It greyed over the flowers which are in flower now and then I added added little photos and clip art daffodils to show what it should look like in Spring. I find the Powerpoint software very easy to use and fun to experiment with. It is part of my Microsoft Office package. I'll post a photo of my Spring projection map. I wonder if it will look anything like the reality.

7 Nov, 2013


I hope it does. I've seen the photo ...

7 Nov, 2013


Fingers crossed.

7 Nov, 2013


Thank you, Scotsgran, what a brilliant idea, , and one I will copy for my sink. It is looking a mess at the moment as we have had such heavy rain. I was going to put a little canopy over it to protect it during the winter but the rains arrived quicker than my preparations :(

10 Nov, 2013


I have been trying for the last three years to shape a topiary bird out of a buxus which I planted near the front gate. I tried everything I could think of to support the tail part and nothiong worked. I found some 60cm plant support circles in a GC which were being sold off cheaply because they had no supports left. I put two together to make a support for one side of the tail. I was going to overlap another two over that first pair to support the rest of the tail. It came on rain and I have yet to finish it. The sun shines beautifully and the minute I stick my nose outside it starts to rain. We'll get the jobs done soon.

11 Nov, 2013


What a brilliant idea sg, even though i found it a bit late.
I am lucky enough to have inherited a cple of old sinks with our house and am just beginning to plan them, that will motivate me to have a go with powerpoint. I suppose you could use this idea to plan a whole garden. Thanks

14 Jun, 2014


Thank you Resi. This was an original idea from Bjs who showed me how he mapped his planters when we visited his garden. Gee showed me how to add names to photos and I am very happy with the result of bouncing ideas about with other Goy members. It is handy, but I failed completely to update it month by month but at least I know how I wanted it to look. Plants tend to have their own agenda but that just adds to the pleasure. Lucky you to have inherited sinks. They are becoming more difficult to find and very much more expensive to buy. Enjoy the pleasure of planting and remember to let us see the end results.

17 Jun, 2014


Thanks scotsgran, now have to find another photo editing
app as powerpoint doesn't really work for me on my kindle fire.

19 Jun, 2014


Sorry I cannot help but if you ask that under the question tab you will very likely get good advice on what works for other members on their Kindle. The members are a huge resource in many different fields. .

19 Jun, 2014


I might just do that, it felt a bit cheeky as it isnt strictly garden related. Thanks sgr.

19 Jun, 2014


Maybe not strictly, but if you can master the software with help from other members then we all win in two ways. The first is seeing your results from the advice. The second is that it allows other members to be confidant in experimenting with a new technique.

20 Jun, 2014

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