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End-of-Spring in N.E. Downunder - Adenium obesum blooming


By Bernieh

End-of-Spring in N.E. Downunder - Adenium obesum blooming

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wonderful...lovely colour...

23 Nov, 2013


My first ever Adenium to bloom, and I began it as seed. I've never really grown much from seed before, apart from the usual annuals, so I was really pleased when this beauty took off.

23 Nov, 2013


well done you...its great you planted the seed thank you :-)

23 Nov, 2013


Congratulations! How did it take to bloom from seed?

I know they usually bloom within one year. My 8 year old plant started blooming when it was very tiny.

23 Nov, 2013


Yes you're right there, Andy. The first two plants that I grew from seed had both bloomed within their first year. This one, featured in the photo, was the first to bloom and its first flower appeared after about 9 months. It's been the more prolific bloomer ever since, and this is its second year.

23 Nov, 2013


That's so funny you said that it bloomed after 9 months. I was going to say it will usually bloom at around 9 months. :)

I just realized I purchased my old Adenium in late summer of 2004. It'll be 10 years old next summer. WOW!

Yes, as the plant ages the blooming will become quite prolific to the point when you don't see many branches or leaves.

Here's mine blooming this year:

25 Nov, 2013


Yours looked fantastic. 10 year old, that's a great milestone.

30 Nov, 2013



Thanks! I'm still sad I lost two of my favorite varieties two years ago. My "Ice Pink" and another variety unknown which had white flowers which faded to a blush died when I think I gave them too much water in winter. It was a very warm winter. I think I should have just kept them dry.

Here's the plants which died:

30 Nov, 2013


It's always hard when you lose such beauties. I particularly loved that gorgeous white one, although the pink was certainly quite lovely as well.

I have to be careful about where I'm going to plant my batch of new Adenium babies, because the wet season can cause problems in the spots that don't drain well.

1 Dec, 2013


Yes, it is such a loss when you put a lot of energy into a plant. And yes, the white one which turned blush when the flowers got older was a very unusual variety, which I can't find anymore.

Very true about where to plant Adenium. It is truly a desert plant. It grows very well in the extremely hot Coachella Valley (subtropical low desert). I've seen 7' (2.5m) tall plants in Palm Springs, CA., where the temps routinely stay around 115ºF (46ºC) or more in summer and nighttime temps seldom go below 90ºF (32ºF). It's one of the hottest cities on earth (besides Death Valley, CA., which is the hottest spot on Earth).

2 Dec, 2013

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