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mud bath path!

mud bath path!

I decided to go for a walk, as it was a dry day (for once!). The only way to get across a major roundabout road junction is via an underpass that runs alongside the river. There’s a sign as you get close – “footpath liable to flooding”.

Which it had done, well and truly! But it was still the only way to get to "the other side of the road”. I kept to the grass verge as much as I could, to avoid the worst of the mud, but eventually had to come down to its level.

I was wearing calf-length pull-on boots, and nearly lost them – I could feel my foot coming up but the boot staying still, and had to reach down, grab the top of the boot and yank to get it out. Two steps later, almost lost the other boot. My walking stick nearly went the same way more than once … and I still wasn’t half-way through.

I managed to work my way right up under the arch; it wasn’t so muddy there and I had something to hang on to. Worked my way along till I ran out of bridge and then had to get up the steep incline to “dry ground”. Circled round and took this – didn’t want to get any closer, just in case!

No surprise that I got a cab back – even if I hadn’t been loaded with shopping, trying to wade through this again…

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It was like a real adventure for you Fran, but you came out victorious in the end!!

28 Feb, 2014


lol yes, but it fought hard ... I even had mud on my knees, and my suede boots are looking very sorry for themselves. I definitely need a pair of wellies - though not sure how far I'd be able to hike in them, and not sure they'd want to stay wiht me when the going got rough!

Pity anyone in a wheelchair or pushing a pram who tries to get through there - though, really, if this is the worst I have to face this winter, I'm getting off very lightly.

28 Feb, 2014


Well, let's hope the council can rectify the issue before next winter. Have you sent them your pic? They listen more to people who are personally badly affected I disabled people. Your local councillor will also want to know about it. You might even get compensation for your boots!

28 Feb, 2014


I didn't think of it, Karen. There was a wide patch of dirt at the top of the mud part, so it looks as if they've tried to spread dry soil to soak up the mud, but that's only in one place, so they must have used up all their supplies of dry earth!

I've been out and about maybe four times, hours each time, and I've only ever seen one zebra crossing (and that was a side street when I got lost, so I doubt I'd ever find it again). Otherwise, there's only traffic lights - where there are any, but you don't often get them on roundabouts.

Thing is, if I'd neded to cross that road while the river was high ... people must have needed to cross, I can't be the only one

28 Feb, 2014


Exactly Fran...that's why people need to bring it to the attention of the Council. :)

28 Feb, 2014


update: I went to the local shops, weering the same boots. Half it was mud; suddenly i thought that my foot felt cold - leaned on my stick and looked at the sole of my foot - almost literally! the sole of the boot had completely come away; all that was left was the insock.

Debate: do i go back home and change, or go on like this? went on: i was half-way there already; bad enough doing the trip twice, didn't want to do it three times!

do'nt think it's worth trying to get them rapaired; there's nothing for the sole to be fastened to any more. Besides, i'd have to find a cobbler, and that'd be in town, half an hour away.

hmm, any suggestions for recycling a pair of suede boots? fancy nest-boxes?

lol if i could rpove they were fine *before* mud-path, I could claim a new pair from the council ...

28 Feb, 2014


Oh groan Fran! :) Hope you get something sorted soon. TKMax is good for cut price wellies. :)

28 Feb, 2014


lol I was looking at some of the brilliantly-patterned ones GoYers have been displaying. I found them online - and then I saw the prices ... i think, for mud-trudging, palin wellies will do, but I want decent ones, not the cheapo variety - if I don't hae even a slight heel it feels that i'm walking up hill all the time,w hich does my calves no favours

28 Feb, 2014


Oh, great. Mud regulations! Hahaha.

1 Mar, 2014


well, don't want to literally be a "stick in the mud"!! maybe I should get a pair of fisherman's trousers that can be held up with braces :-)

1 Mar, 2014


I find good stout walking boots are the answer to mud, Fran. Quite expensive but last for years and give support to the ankle (I broke my ankle when wearing wellies many years ago and have been frightened of them ever since!).

1 Mar, 2014


Oh dear Fran what a mess to get your feet into, you never think of these sort of predicaments, just to go for a walk on pavements in a place like Shrewsbury! A pair of decent Boots as well. Surely the council should jet wash that lot away? I know the river seriously flooded recently. To leave it like that and not say how deep the mud can get on any signs or even close it off, is not good, and worth a try to get money for new boots. I would feel so self conscious plodding round shops smothered in mud too! Awful.

2 Mar, 2014


Ooh, Gee, that sounds rough! how long ago was that?

I suppose this is low priority, Dorjac; it's out of town, or even further out than I am - the retail centre is about as far away from me as I am from town, so if it's not on the edge it's just over

I have a pair of hiking boots, sadly in need of repair, if they're repairable at all. Had them years, very comfortable, but I didn't protect them properly, or often enough, and the toe came away from the sole.

Hope they can be repaired! but lol I've got to get into town to find a cobblers. That should be a drier route - this is the way to the local retail park, in the opposite direction.

I did debate whether it was worth getting them repaired, as I didn't think I'd need them much. That was before the move, of course!

The only alternative is to buy another pair, but I'd want ones as close to this as possible, and affordable(ish). Then I'd *have* to go out to lots of places, to make sure I got my money's worth out of them! but not sure how I'd look with proper hiking boots and a "granny" walking stick ...

just thoguht: I have to wear pull-on trainers cos I can't easily get down to tie the laces; not sure how well I'd cope with multi-eyelet boots! but only one way to find out ...

2 Mar, 2014


Fran, check out Shires Adults and Childrens Splasher Muck Boots (Ebay or internet shops) - I have noticed quite a lot of people walking in the woods wear these and they are velco fastener, so no laces etc. Never tried them myself but they look good :)

2 Mar, 2014


thanks, dear, copied what you said and pasted it into google, gone looking now!!

ps, they do look good! sigh, not my size on eBay, but Amazon has them. thanks again xx

4 Mar, 2014

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