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'Meadow' planted up on Saturday

'Meadow' planted up on Saturday

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I'll bet it's swarming with insects already.

23 Jun, 2014


It is indeed. How's your back, Angie?

23 Jun, 2014


All good. Back to work tonight. I've got a very good sun tan from lazing around and all the guys are ripping me to pieces because of it! Thankfully I can stand my ground with them all.

23 Jun, 2014


Glad to hear it!

23 Jun, 2014


What's the white flower, Tdb?

23 Jun, 2014


There's a white clover in a pot at the back, but there's also a catananche (Cupid's dart) which looks white in the picture - it's really blue!

25 Jun, 2014


I think I mean the clover - it's lovely!

26 Jun, 2014


The bees think so!

27 Jun, 2014


Where did you get it from? I only know the type that grows in the lawn, and it doesn't often get much of a chance to flower.

27 Jun, 2014


I think I got it from my local nursery, Ribblesdale, which is very wildlife -friendly. I bought it last year, which is why I'm not certain. The plant to its right is the same but in red/purple and that came from Inspirations, a small GC at Wallings in Cockerham - the ice-cream people. I'll find out about propagation and see if I can then send you seeds/cutting or whatever is the most appropriate. I could also check with Ribblesdale to see if they have it this year. I need compost from them so will be popping up there over next couple of days.

28 Jun, 2014


Thanks, Tdb. I've never investigated Ribblesdale, always sailed through Broughton on the way to Barton Grange, (although I must admit that's usually closer to Christmas!) Do you recommend Ribblesdale?

29 Jun, 2014


Yes, we've been going there for longer than I care to remember! It's had three different owners in our time but has always been good. Phil, the current owner has made many improvements, including a 'hide' for bird- and wildlife watching at the specially dedicated and developing area at the back of the nursery. He is a knowledgeable guy and gives talks on all manner of gardening topics to local groups - WI, that sort of thing. He has some interesting and more unusual plants, and prices are reasonably competitive; cheaper than Barton Grange. There is always plenty of colour, and OH enjoys the model train set and local layout, created by his elderly father - in - law some years ago. I always enjoy pottering at Ribblesdale; they're open till 6p.m., I think.
There is also Jane Lane nursery at Catforth, which has a certain scruffiness, but where plants are quite ridiculously cheap. That's where I got my Foxtail lilies for £2.50 each and roses at £4.50!!

30 Jun, 2014


I think I'll have to make my way to Ribblesdale... I don't mind a certain scruffiness, either, so I might try Catforth as well!

I think most places are probably cheaper than Barton Grange!

I go to Sooty's on the A565 at Tarleton. They are a family-owned nursery, and most of their plants are home-grown and very good. They sell pots and other garden-related stuff, but there's no gift shop. They are opposite Dunscar, which has diversified in that direction (it has a good kitchen shop, though not as large as Barton Grange's). Mind you, Dunscar has good plants, as well. We're lucky to have a few good GCs within striking distance. In the other direction, Ladygreen at Ince Blundell is good.

It looks as if I've sorted out a few trips out for me and OH! (He's very long-suffering...)

30 Jun, 2014


Mine, too! Bless him. After all that, we called at Ribblesdale today and found it rather out of sorts with lots of weeds about and just a bit run down in general!! There may be a good reason for this, so I wouldn't write it off, but thought I'd better mention. It turns out that I didn't buy the clover there, as they've never stocked it!
Thanks for mentioning some of your places. I don't know either of them, although we know that road and some of the places thereabouts. I love finding new haunts, so will pay them a visit. There's a clematis specialist at Hesketh Bank - Richard Hodson at The Hawthorns. Now there's a fellow who knows his stuff and loves his plants. Tho' clems are a speciality, he has many other worthy plants.

1 Jul, 2014


Oh yes - Richard is great! My mum's a huge fan of his. (She and Dad used to live in Hesketh Bank many years ago) He is so welcoming and helpful - he once pulled up and gave me a handful of euphorbia from his garden when I said how much I liked it. His garden is beautiful.

Don't worry about the state of Ribblesdale - sometimes these places go up and down. Dobbies in Southport is very nice, and right on the doorstep, of course. I'm a little bit wary, because they are partly owned by Tesco (prejudiced, or what?!) but a lot of their stuff is very nice, and the staff are mostly very helpful. I do like to buy home-grown, though.

If you haven't been to either Dunscar or Sooty's, I recommend them both, though they are quite different from each other.

I really think I must stop buying plants for a while - Borders, pots and baskets are all overflowing! I am so enjoying the garden at the moment. The weather has been lovely - I go out to sit and read, but keep spotting something to do. I love pottering - it's the way I mostly garden - constant tweaking!

1 Jul, 2014


Pottering and tweaking here, too. I'm glad you're a fan of Richard. As you say, he's one for giving out the freebies from his lovely garden and he's just so enthusiastic and knowledgeable. I think it's time I paid him another visit!

2 Jul, 2014



3 Jul, 2014


I like that clover also. I wonder if I can find it in Vermont. One would think yes.

2 Oct, 2014


I would think so. Glad you like it.

3 Oct, 2014

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