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He looks happy :)

27 Nov, 2014


Oh I wish I had the room for one of those.....

28 Nov, 2014


he was a gift from my son. he is stood on a pillar i picked up on freecycle. i think they were made for each other.

29 Nov, 2014


Wow how lucky was that? I love quirky ornaments in the garden...

29 Nov, 2014


me too Dd2....i am lucky and delighted they fit together it makes the statue safer...

30 Nov, 2014


That is very,very,cool- lol.

5 Dec, 2014


looks like his kettle is taking too long to boil! ;-)

6 Dec, 2014


thanks Stan...Lori its a great kettle when the bonfire is burning..:-)

7 Dec, 2014


It looks like it, Sandra. Antiques are better than anything we can find on the market today. My mom had a steel kettle that was so heavy I could hardly lift it, it was huge and held gallons...(probably not that large...childhood memories and all) and I do remember it steaming away on the wood burning kitchen range. It would work for decades before a tiny fissure in the metal would start to drip. Then a trip to the smith for a patch job! We never threw things away when they could be mended.

7 Dec, 2014


oh how i wish we cold mend things like they did back then...i do my bit but so many things are unmendable . we use to have a man come around on when i was a kid who had a stone wheel to sharpen your scissors and knives.

9 Dec, 2014


Kinda makes a person sad for the children of today. I know each generation must reinvent the wheel...but...the practicality and sturdiness of the things produced then don't exist in today's world. sometimes I think I'm a dinosaur! It's all hindsight anyway...and when I'm gone who will care at all for those ancient times! lol.... That lovely piece of art will be recycled I'm sure... you may pass it to your son and he to his's going to be dynastic!

14 Dec, 2014


I am a hoarder too Lori....goodness knows how the kids will deal with my treasures....I have teasets from great great from 100 years ago of people they or I never knew. Some things have been claimed from the kitchen girls love to use great nana,s rolling pin and my mother left us provided with enough buttons and zips for several life times.

15 Dec, 2014


I come from a long line of "pack rats" (that was my Dad's word for it.) All we had to do was express a "need" for something and Mom would get a far away look in her eye... then she'd go and find what we "needed" or the means to produce it! I've always thought that was an endearing trait. I too try to keep the old photos, and the family treasures, but with such a large family the booty has been spread far and wide. That reminds me that I should start an inventory and a list of recipients!

15 Dec, 2014

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