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My Back Yard Trees

My Back Yard Trees

All my trees are enjoying the hot 87ºF (31ºC) weather today. Last week we had unusually cold weather for San it's too hot! Crazy Weather! Photo taken Jan. 6, 2015.

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Looking good Andy. That warm down there was fast heating.
Here? Considering the warmest January day ever recorded is 73? 70 for today is best hope..and appreciated.
I'm seeing the shakeout from that cold btw. A bit of droop to Brugmansia tips...on the other hand Plumeria have a few tiny leaves sprouting. NO kidding. While old leaves are still on it.
I'm just waiting for more rains to push the drought talk away. Not there yet.

7 Jan, 2015



I saw the high temp at the Hayward Airport was only 62ºF. I know the temps inland are much warmer, just like here.

Yes, my large plumeria tree still has its leaves (my other plumerias, also). My large plumeria tree usually drops it's leaves in late January or early February. It typically leafs out late, usually in late April or early May (although last year with all the heat it leafed out very early).

My other plumerias have small leaves coming out also. Not sure what that's going to mean in spring. It's happened here many times before, however, sometimes the small leaves fall off.

My Markhamia (to the far left in the photo) is so amazingly enough flushing with new growth...due to the rains in December. The cold didn't affect the leaves which is pretty incredible, especially with all the hail. Markhamia is very tropical. The leaves on the papayas look terrible just like the Angel's Trumpets' leaves with lot of holes from the hail. My beautiful very tall Acalypha has holes in its leaves, also.

8 Jan, 2015


HAYX is killing me. That 62? all alone in the bay area. Oakland set a record at 71. I saw 71 in Fremont (car thermo) And one of those 69 point somethings on my backyard digital. Last I looked Hayward hills was already 71 at midday.
I'm not sure why hayx have been low ball readings this season. Same for the 48f the other day.
I see my Fern tree, Shizasomething,has new ferny growth forming. What an unusual winter. And that thing with the plants. I've never had Pachypodium lamerii keeping full foliage in January,the Maridol survival. This is all really new territory.

8 Jan, 2015


Also- Plumeria obtusa lived up to what you said about tender. Like my Adenium, even frost free wont do..

8 Jan, 2015


I think it's almost like here. The official temp in Lindbergh Field San Diego is usually a lot cooler than the rest of the County. The official high in San Diego today was 78ºF (26ºC). Where I live it was 81ºF (27ºC)...tomorrow is suppose to be cooler, mid 70's.

My Pachypodium species always loses its leaves. I think it's a more tropical species. It's definitely not lameri.

So glad to hear about your Maridol papaya!

Yes, like I said: Plumeria obtusa 'Singapore' is very, very tender. Adenium seems to be more hardy; however, can't tolerate the wet soil so well. I think I killed some of my more rare varieties of Adenium two years ago when we had a very warm winter and I over-watered them.
:>( They really need dry, dry, dry in winter.

8 Jan, 2015

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