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Calodendron capense - Cape Chestnut in Fremont, CA

Calodendron capense - Cape Chestnut in Fremont, CA (Calodendron capense)

This tree was loaded with flower buds. Photo taken June 3, 2011. Posted for Stan510.

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Great looking tree. 400 miles north of soucal. Like a dot of subtropics..or island!

4 Feb, 2015


I used to have an beautiful Cape Chestnut when I lived in Hayward and Fremont. It bloomed so well every year.

There's more than this one in the Bay Area. They seem to grow and flower better out of San Francisco (outside of Strybing Botanical Gardens, anyway) .

5 Feb, 2015


Is your tree still there? It seems like every tree i've posted in town,has been cut down since. Its like a bad gift.

7 Feb, 2015


The last time I saw this tree was back in June of 2011, when I took this photo. I'm guessing it's still there. I would hope it hasn't been cut down...or do you mean the tree I had?

I gave my mom my Cape Chestnut tree when I moved here to San Diego. She had it for a long time in a big pot...then she let it dry out and it died :>( I was so sad because I told it needed to be put into the ground when I gave it to her. It was a gorgeous-shaped tree and it flowered so well every year. I can only imagine how large the tree would have been if it was planted in the ground.

7 Feb, 2015


Interesting to hear it flowers in a pot. I hadn't thought of that.
If I had more room..Even Macadamia sounds worth a try. Coral tree's. Just not the room.

16 Feb, 2015


Oh yes, Cape Chestnut grows very well in a pot and blooms to perfection.

Macadamia nut trees on the other hand I've never had luck with in pots. I've tried so many times in the past and they die. Macadamia appear to love to be planted in the ground. I get Macadamia nut seedlings popping up during wet winters from my across-the-street neighbor's tree. There's several trees in my neighborhood.

For Coral trees you need a very big lot for most species. They grow so extremely fast, also

17 Feb, 2015

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This photo is of species Calodendron capense.