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Mangifera indica - Mango Tree

Mangifera indica - Mango Tree (Mangifera indica - Mango Tree)

This mango tree is growing in Mission San Jose, Fremont, CA. in the San Francisco Bay Area. It was flushing growth and was 8' or so tall. It's amazing to see this tree flushing growth this time of year. Mango trees typically don't flush growth until late spring or summer. Photo taken March 1, 2015.

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wow... very,very,cool. You have better eyes then me too. Reflected heat does nothing but good for them. That is a great looking Mango. Good sized trunk on it.
Do you remember the street?

7 Mar, 2015


Yes, it's a very nice little tree. It's across the street from where I used to live on Bruce Drive in Mission San Jose, Fremont. It has a perfect climate for tropicals. I used to have a fruit-bearing Manila mango when I lived there.

I saw several good-sized F. benjamina trees there, also. I only took a photo of one (from a distance). I was so busy when I went up there. I was so surprised how many F. benjamina trees and large King palms I saw in San Jose, also. I stayed in San Jose this past trip to the Bay Area.

8 Mar, 2015


In case people are wondering..its been like somebody flipped a climate switch in the San Francisco bay area. Even science changed the zone rating in 2012.
For me,seeing plants like this growing here is a dream come true.

10 Mar, 2015


I think the longevity of this tree is very good. Most of Mission San Jose is on a good cold-draining slope. Frost is not common or very light...and the the heat build up in this area is really good for tropicals. I think Mission San Jose has one of the best (if not the best - Santa Clara may be a close second) climate for tropicals in the San Francisco Bay Area.

11 Mar, 2015


Yeah,its a great spot. I used to talk to another guy on cloudforest board who said he moved from soucal to MSJ and said he liked it better here. And that was years ago.
But, I used to have a gf in CulverCity. That was a great climate. If it was a 75f day,it was 70f by 9am. Nothing like the bay area's slow warmups.
But,that's part of the fun..the challenge.

11 Mar, 2015


Yes, Mission San Jose has an incredible climate for tropicals.

The warming here in San Diego is even faster. I noticed that when I first moved here.

We're heading into quite a heat wave starting tomorrow. It's forecasted to be from 93 - 98 degrees over the next 4 days. Possibly even some heat advisories, which I've never seen posted this early in the year. According to the meteorologist it's going to be record-breaking heat for most of Southern California.

12 Mar, 2015


This winter,I never did cover my Mangoes. Even the one gallon Aultalfo was left uncovered. Only a few Banana leafs got singed..most were fine. What a winter.
Now,we are heading to a heatwave mid 80's to 90f like in Livermore.
90's for sure in soucal.
Isn't that something? you posted record breaking heat on the 7th,and on the 26,once again.

24 Mar, 2015


Mango trees are pretty hardy (well, depending on the variety). I know mature trees can survive temps down to 25 degrees for a very short period of time.

I know the thousands of Keitt mango trees in the Coachella Valley were subjected to these temps in January of 2007 during their worst freeze in 75 years. I read a few very young trees died; however, all the other trees survived. They even produced fruit the same year; however, the yield was not as high. I also read some of the other smaller commercial private mango fields were not even fazed by that horrible, horrible freeze. Maybe they were located in a good high area (banana belt) of the Coachella Valley.

We are heading into another record heat wave. The temps are forecast to be into the mid-90's here where I live...low 90's for the coast...and you know that's very hot for the coast for this time of year. The water temp in San Diego Bay is almost 70ºF (21ºC). I've never seen it this high in 15 years of living in San Diego. The outer waters of the Pacific Ocean (along the San Diego County Coast) is an amazing 67ºF (19ºC)...I think it's El Niño.

25 Mar, 2015


Nice..great photo of what might be the nicest Mango around these parts. We are not having the 2015 warm spring this year,so flushing has just started in mid April with my youngest tree and the large is flowering. If I could get them to grow faster...

19 Apr, 2017


I bet this tree is much larger, since this photo was taken two years ago. My mango on Bruce Dr. across the street from the mango used to grow pretty fast in the heat there. If you look at he previous pics with the King palms, that's my old house, where I lived. I loved that neighborhood! :>))

20 Apr, 2017


What's amazing about the Bruce Street tree? It had ripe fruit hanging on it in January. I've never had a Baileys or Manila last past October ripe.
Also Andy- rats killed the Mangoes. Its happening everywhere. Once the leafs fell off? the rodents ate the green stems. I lost both of the last Maridols. Even with cats!
The empty field next to my house..I get everything. Raccoons too.

20 Apr, 2017


The Mission San Jose Area has quite a wonderful subtropical climate. It was amazing how well all the trees, plants did there. I had Plumeria 'Celadine' flowering outside there one December.

Do you mean the rats ate the mango fruit? I know rodents love mango fruit! This is why many people here put the stainless steel plate barriers around the trunks of their fruit trees.

I'm sorry to hear about the Maradol Papayas! My plants are growing pretty well. I do have a small one (Thai Dwarf) in the ground in a group of three which looks like the tip is rotting. The stem is not dead, though.

20 Apr, 2017



Do you know how big this mango tree in the photo has gotten in the last couple of years?

20 Apr, 2017


The last posted photo- it looked Andy to me they had topped it. Flattened it. The lawn was brown.
I doubt they have any idea of how rare that plant is. They could plant ten more and possibly none would do as well as this one.

21 Apr, 2017


It would be nice for them to let this mango get much large and wide. It would be so beautiful!

26 Apr, 2017


I might drive by this week. It looks like tomorrow is the start of rising temps to near 80's by the weekend. Today? cloudy,cool.
I kid the local tv guy about winter fighting to its last dying breath this year to make spring gloomy.

26 Apr, 2017


Take some pics. :>))

Yes, it's warm here again. By this weekend upper 80's to low 90's are forecasted. We'll see if it happens. We haven't had any real rain since the ending of February.

27 Apr, 2017


I'm slowly repotting. I want to divide the two Celadines in one pot. The nicer glossy leafed to be in it own pot..and the other I want to plant out. Same for Plastic Pink. Maybe where the Papaya gave out..

27 Apr, 2017


I'm slowly re-potting and fertilizing plants. So many plants were neglected during the drought. It's been very dry here the last 2 months.

It's a good time to divide Plumerias and other plants. My plumerias are looking really good and have a lot of buds and leaves, already. My one unknown really beautiful pink plumeria has buds. It didn't flower last year along with 3 or 4 varieties of plumeria. This year they look really good. I think it was all the rain.

My Mammy Croton is growing very well! It lost many of its leaves last summer. It was due to extreme dryness (which crotons hate!). I transplanted it once two months ago into a 7 gallon pot and now it's ready to be transplanted into a 15 gallon pot. Crotons have a ton of roots.

30 Apr, 2017


Did it. Looks right. Each little tree is single trunked. If they had been the EXACT same type of Celadine,I would have left it alone. But one has slightly larger shiny leaves- the other are dull, one has slightly larger and more yellow also.
We hit the 78f mark today.
I have lots of pruning to go . The White Sapote,the big Yucca,even the Euonymous hedge.
The yard would be one solid mass of green if I didnt get tough!
I have put off the Crotons for awhile. This winter cost me a couple of plants and one of my Pachypodiums lost about 10" off the top. It had nearly bloomed last year.
This was the endless chill winter.

30 Apr, 2017


Celadine is one of the easiest Plumeria varieties to grow. They do look best on in a pot.

It's been really warm to hot and dry here for several weeks. We had the third driest March, April on-record, .09 of an inch! Now, this coming weekend and week, we're expecting over 1 1/2 inches of rain. This is unheard for San Diego in May. I'll let you know if it actually transpires. We can use the water.

5 May, 2017


May 1st to 4th we averaged 90f. That put a jolt into Celadine to get going,for Uncarina to sprout,for Mango flowers to get bigger.
A taste of what they do in hot climates. Today? 65f.
No rains here are called for -yet. That's a lot of rain for May and soucal Andy. Is that some possible record?

5 May, 2017


I saw you were getting really hot weather. It was about the same here last week. Now, I'm freezing! Only in the mid-60's! It's so cool and windy! Brr!

7 May, 2017

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