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Adenium obesum - Desert Rose Flowering

Adenium obesum - Desert Rose Flowering (Adenium obesum - Desert Rose)

My Desert rose is almost in full bloom. It was taken at evening so the photo is a little dark. Photo taken May 11, 2015.

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My arabicum has 3 blooms on it. And glad for that!

12 May, 2015


That's more than mine. My baby A. arabicum only has one flower.

My A. obesum is 11 years old and it flowers heavily every year. It's flowered ever since it was 1 year old.

12 May, 2015


hi D1! gorgeous blooms. Do you suppose it could be grown as a houseplant?

14 May, 2015



I know they do grow as a houseplant; however, with this being said, it needs a tremendous amount of sun (like through a bright south-facing window.

I grow my Adeniums on the south-side of my house (the backyard) where it gets a lot of heat and sun during winter. It is truly a desert plant...native to the tropical deserts of Africa and Arabia.

15 May, 2015


Lori,they are magnets indoors for pests. No resistance. I have to use Bayers systemic. It works fine.
Also Lori? The Adenium hybrids are much faster growing,easier to get to a bloom. Seed grown species are touchy,slower.
If you see one of these at a Store in deep red or pure white?,that's one to try.
I would say outdoors in summer. But,if you have a window that the sun beats down on..they would do better all year there.

17 May, 2015


I know they get that wholly white scale indoors; however, if you grow it outdoors in summer and give it the systemic before bringing it indoor during winter it should somewhat insect free.

I have brought my large plant indoors during flowering. My plant can only be kept indoors for about a week or all the flowers will fall off. It's because when grown outdoors all year it adapt the the higher light levels.

17 May, 2015


Well I'm an old stick-in-the-mud because I won't use systemics. Haven't seen any of the lovlies on offer anywhere. Thanks for the hint about colour, Stan. Will just wait...sooner or later, perhaps? I just lost tomato plants that were in my greenhouse...It went down to well below zero last Friday night... just as the apples were blooming. So tired of this horrible weather. How are you doing with water in soucal? Santa Barbara of the oil slick is south of you, D1?

24 May, 2015


Systemics are terrific for indoor plants...if applied outdoors before being brought indoors.

That's horrible about your tomato plants! I can't imagine being that cold at this time of year (actually, anytime of the year).

The water situation is's an historical drought which has never been experienced in the past in recorded history. We just lucked out with the very rare, record rains we received in Maym (it didn't help the drought; although, it helped some of the dying trees and plants a little). Typically, we don't receive any rain in May.

California is scrambling to find sources to purchase water. Most California reservoirs are predicted to be empty by summer's end. :>(((

25 May, 2015


I have a cat who loves to chew my plants for greens during the long winter, even though I actually buy potted greens for him. For that reason alone I don't do systemics, but there is a risk to the handler as well. I'm sure you take all the precautions, but are you sure you want to take the risk? hope you don't mind my saying so... peace! :-)

27 May, 2015


Thank you, I don't mind the comment at all. :>)

The systemic I use is safe, it can actually be used on fruit trees. I'm always very cautious using any kind of pesticide. I rarely ever use pesticides, except only when I absolutely have to.

27 May, 2015


I'm not sure why you wouldn't apply it indoors. Its a liquid mixed with water.
Its good for at least a year or more. Indoors plants not being fast growers helps.
I know that Adeniums would be over run by pests without them indoors in winter.
My biggest complaint is...they only sell it in huge bottles when all you need is a tiny amount. Sold in $15 bottles when all you need is 50 cents worth- and still have extra.

30 May, 2015



Systemics, even the safest ones are recommended to be applied outdoors. They should stay outdoors at least a few days before bringing indoors.

It's true systemics can be expensive and you use so little... so a bottle will last for years. I've had my bottle for at least four years. It's still almost full. lol!

2 Jun, 2015

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