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Plumeria 'Red-Pink'

Plumeria 'Red-Pink' (Plumeria)

My large Plumeria tree in the back has several flowers. This branch was broken when I pulled it down to take a photo. It'll be rooted to start another plant. Photo taken July 10, 2015.

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Show off!
Spectacularly good colour though.

22 Jul, 2015



This branch was accidentally broken when I was going to take a pic. (I was pulling it down)

This Plumeria is the largest tree I have in the was looking really bad because of the extreme drought. The ground was like concrete and the leaves were not growing. Now, that I've dug a trench around the tree and water it with the washing machine water and all the rain we received this past weekend it's doing very well again, finally. It's also loving the hot and humid weather (It's been feeling like a sauna here).

23 Jul, 2015


Love the colour...

26 Jul, 2015


Thanks. :>)

27 Jul, 2015


Stunning love the colour too.

2 Jun, 2017


Yes, this one has a beautiful color and nice fragrance. It doesn't bloom usually until June or July. It breaks dormancy later than my other plumeria. It also goes dormant (in late February) much later than my other plumerias.

3 Jun, 2017


Perhaps its because its a different variety to your other ones.

3 Jun, 2017


It's because of the variety and also because pink and red-flowered plumerias need a tremendous amount of heat. June and July is when the really hot weather starts. We have a saying here in San Diego: "May Gray", "June Gloom" and "July Fry"Typically, May Gray and June Gloom doesn't affect where I live so much, not like how it affects the immediate coast, it's a saying referring to the marine layer than comes in at night and usually burns off in the morning.

4 Jun, 2017


How strange how one colour needs more heat than another.

Yes I understand the marine layer like a mist or fog cloud.

4 Jun, 2017


Yes, typically red, orange and pink plumeria varieties prefer much hotter temps.

Yes, the marine layer here is called over cast. It's generally like warm humidifying blanket during May and June, though.

5 Jun, 2017


Like what Australia gets then but you get yours in May and June.

6 Jun, 2017


Yes, June so far has been very, very cloudy. That's actually not too typical for where I live. Yesterday and today we didn't see the sun.

7 Jun, 2017


Nor us rain and dull and windy today calm abd sunny.

7 Jun, 2017


No, rain...just cloudy, cloudy, cloudy. lol! I'm enjoying it a little. The sun is out here almost 99 percent of the time. I can get projects done outside when it's cloudy and cooler. Once the really hot weather gets here, I can't work outside until later in the evening (when the sun is starting to go down).

7 Jun, 2017


Yes that is wise you won't get heat stroke then making yourself ill.

7 Jun, 2017


Very true. I don't go outside when the temps are 90ºF (33ºC), because the heat index is usually closer to 100 (38ºC) or more.

8 Jun, 2017


I do not blame you not going out only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the mid day sun ?
Is it hotter than the Hawaii islands there were you originate from.

8 Jun, 2017


Yes, it can get much hotter here; however, Hawaii is overall warmer throughout the year. Hawaii has a tropical climate, San Diego has a mild subtropical climate.

9 Jun, 2017


Cooler there then ?

9 Jun, 2017


Yes, San Diego is cooler than Hawaii's tropical climate.

12 Jun, 2017


Interesting I imagined the opposite lol.

12 Jun, 2017


We can get overall hotter sometimes in inland San Diego, during summer; however, the temps in Honolulu for example are much higher on average year-round (because it's a truly tropical climate). San Diego has a mild subtropical climate.

14 Jun, 2017


Is that where you originate from Honolulu I can understand how you can with stand the heat in San Diego for a while then except when it gets really hot inland in San Duego.

I have often wondered if people stayed or lived in simular climates to their family heritage would they live longer going by what the Romans said when they invaded Britain about our weather especially the winds and were happy to return to their warmer climate .

14 Jun, 2017


Yes, I'm from Honolulu originally. Yes, I like a warm climate; however, not hot.

We're heading into a very dangerous heat wave for most of the South-Western U.S. (especially for the deserts). This horrible heatwave is suppose to last for 14 days. :>((
Most likely temps of more than a 100ºF (38ºC) here and more than 120ºF (49ºC) in the deserts. It's really hot already and it's has reached the hottest days, yet. The "excessive heat warning" and "heat advisory" start on Saturday. :>((

16 Jun, 2017


That s lovely to know you originate from Honolulu it looks beautiful there I use to watch Hawi five O when I was a kid lol .

My goodness that is hot I hope you take care of your self and your family as I know here in 1976 we had a heat wave of 35.6 °C (96.1 °F) which killed a lot of people here we even had a hose pipe ban .
I keep cool by running cold water on my wrists back of the neck and bends of my arms also a bowl of cold water for my feet . The heat in 1976 here did nt affect me nor did I notice it as I was in my early 20s but now older I can feel it, I don't sweat either I never have done.

16 Jun, 2017


Honolulu is beautiful; however, it's getting very crowded.

Heat does kill more people than any other severe weather condition. Just to the north-east of where I live is Mission Trails Park...many times throughout the year many people get rescued from there with heat stroke or heat exhaustion. It's crazy people don't prepare for the hot weather when hiking. It's beyond my comprehension! :>/

20 Jun, 2017


Yes I can understand that same reason my uncle and Chinese aunty left Sigapore and went to Australia to live my uncle said they are replicing all the shops close your eyes put you in another country you would swear you had nt moved an inch.

Yes thats very true even here in the UK most die in the hot weather we are not use to the sun any more lol
The reason its beyond your comprehension is because you have common sense they have nt like here really they no longer teach common sense even a top manager of one of the biggest car company s here who I talk to on a history site agreed with me against an ex university student.

20 Jun, 2017

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