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Lovely long needle pine

Lovely long needle pine (Pinus patula)

Pinus patula

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Love this. Must look it up.

7 Dec, 2015


It looks so soft!

7 Dec, 2015


Love it too. Let me know what you'll find out Feverfew. I think I would love to grow one. But most pines are huge at the maturity and I am not good at pruning to size.
I only grow "mugo" and Japanese black pine.

Sheila, I see indigenous ladies weaving baskets from these needles. When they are dry. These baskets are beautiful.

7 Dec, 2015


Pinus patula? Very beautiful.
Weeping fig and Hibiscus included.

7 Dec, 2015


You have a sharp eye Stan. Thanks for the name....right on.

8 Dec, 2015


I would like to grow Pino Azul Mexicano (pinus Maximartinezii) but it might not survive up north.
It is a beautiful long needle pine with incredible cones. The colour of the needles is blue. It only grows in two areas and they are not too far from here. it is on the list of endangered species.
The needles are very soft to touch, Sheila. Gracefully moving with the breeze. Soothing to watch.

8 Dec, 2015


The UC Berkeley botanical garden has one. And I'm reading on the net they are hardy to a zone 6. That sounds a bit too cold. But,I'm sure on Vancover Island it and Pinus patula would grow if slowly.

I've talked to another from Oregon who specializes in Mexican pines and he says some do well. Others might not survive a very cold wet winter. As always with exotics. Part of the fun and challenge.

8 Dec, 2015


It is the wetness what I think would kill them not the temperature. I am sure that we are zone 7-8 but rain, rain, rain in winter months. Many plants cannot take it.
Here, they have lots of water in summer when it is hot and then in winter its cooler and mostly dry. Opposite to what we have at summers and dry and cooler winters and wet:-)

9 Dec, 2015


The ones here never look that nice. This one is beautiful!

9 Dec, 2015


Glad you like it Delonix1.

9 Dec, 2015



Sadly, many of the Pinus petula trees have died here due to our historic, extreme drought. It's really sad! :>(

Many of the Norfolk Island Pines are suffering so badly, also. :>( My 85' (27 m) tall tree is loosing big branches because of the drought.

These conifers are not super drought tolerant.

10 Dec, 2015


That is a shame Delonix1. Unfortunately we cannot control mother nature. Hopefuly this will not be a norm.
Otherwise, start to plant cacti.

They had a good rainy season here, so far everything looks happy.

10 Dec, 2015


Yes, it really is a shame; however, like you say, we have no control over Mother Nature. All we can do is pray for some really good El Nino storms.

People have let most of their grass in their yards die. Many people are planting cacti and succulents, also. I'm not giving up on my plants, yet. I have lot several plants to the drought, though. :>(

11 Dec, 2015


In my tree guide, it's called the Mexican Pine, Pinus petula & of course it is rare over here, with a few growing in large gardens from Cornwall to Sussex. It says the bark is orange, smooth & big brownish papery rolls remain attached. Branches level, curving up at the ends. Leaves in threes very slender, hanging, 18-20cm, pale or bright green. Nothing much else said. I imagine it's the same tree. Cones clustered & persistent.

16 Dec, 2015


Thanks Feverfew. Sounds like the same tree.

17 Dec, 2015

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