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the Madagascar palm (Pachypodium lamerei)

the Madagascar palm (Pachypodium lamerei)  (Pachypodium lamerei)

Despite its name its not a palm . It is a succulent plant with sharp spines and a palm-like top.
I is native to Madagascar. This one is probably 16 feet tall.

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Structure stands out well against the lovely blue sky.

25 Dec, 2015


Thank you for your comment Terra.

26 Dec, 2015


They have Plumeria like Flowers- very much like Plumeria. They are distant cousins.
One of my favorite plants as it combines it all,exotic looks,flowers,and mean spines-wink.
Well,Until they get old..then the spines on the trunk go away.
Like old people,they mellow out in age.

28 Dec, 2015


Stan, I did not know that they are related to Plumeria. (or forgot) Thanks for that info. I do see them blooming around . The flowers seem bigger than of plumeria's, no?

28 Dec, 2015


A bit bigger. Scaled up same design. Even the leaves to me resemble Plumeria.
Whats interesting is that the Madagascar Pachy, Klahanie, is hardier then any South American Plumeria here in the bay area.
Both's biggest problem is possible rot in a wet winter.

29 Dec, 2015


I agree with that assessment Stan. I cannot grow many species of plants not because of temperatures but because of wetness. Even my newly planted cherry tree died on me because of the soggy soil. At least that what my "tree person" told me. I planted another one on the hill and it is doing fine.

29 Dec, 2015


That's a very nice specimen. I have seen some large ones here. The tallest one I've ever seen was 30' (10 m) tall in Palms Springs, CA in the Coachella Valley. It was planted in 1990.

I do love them when they're in flower here in summer and fall. This year they bloomed in early spring because of the very hot winter temps.

31 Dec, 2015


I usually see them blooming here in spring Delonix1....just before we head home (up-north). They look very attractive when in bloom.

31 Dec, 2015


They bloom during warm to hot weather when it's dry.
That's typically late spring to summer through fall here.

Sometimes the flowers can have a nice fragrance. It just depends on the plant. It's related to Plumeria and Oleander...many of the flowers are very fragrant; however, not always.

2 Jan, 2016


I actually saw a few years ago one of these flowering in a pot at the Dry Garden in Oakland. That's when I thought,Oh good..should flower in Hayward better. Nope,no flowering. After a good 6 or 7 years.

3 Jan, 2016


Do not lose hope Stan.

4 Jan, 2016



That's surprising I would think it would flower in summer or late summer in Hayward. I've seen them growing in the SF Bay's surprising because they don't tolerate cold, wet soil very well. I saw a large mature one on the Capital grounds in Sacramento years ago. It was flowering in August or Sept. Of course, the heat out there is very high in summer.

4 Jan, 2016

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This photo is of species Pachypodium lamerei.

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