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They hold their antenna up in the air like a helicoptor when they fly and always crash into things. Kinda freakky like.

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Sounds like junebugs... their drone is a most annoying hum...and they are always thump, thumping into something. Noticed their huge mandibles...I was bitten by something like that got up inside my baggy teeshirt and bit me on the tummy...It sunk those mandibles right into my flesh..had to put something warm on his tail to make him let go...meanwhile...what a painful pinch he gave.

31 Jul, 2008


I dont hear of bits too often, but I'm sure he would in a shirt. I haven't heard any sound from them. The little worms they are before this is the real tree killer.

2 Aug, 2008


are they doing serious damage where you are, Greenthumb? downsouth from you in BC they're really causing concern...and out on our East Coast too!

3 Aug, 2008


Yep, all the way up the coast. They've decimated many forest in the southern coastal forests. The interior forest are hit but haven't took quite as much damage. We have a leaf miner up here decimating the aspen. This year there were more sprucebeetle than in the past though.

3 Aug, 2008


There is a new threat to the Maples from China the Asian Long Horned Beetle...came to N.A. in shipping pallets... they have found ground zero.. and the spread seems contained to certain areas...there is also a plague of the ash trees now too. the Emerald Ash Borer.. all these imported creatures are calling the tune without having to pay the predation piper... they must have a natural control ...just sad that it takes valuable years to find it...

6 Aug, 2008

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