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The T.A.N. Iris... Tough as Nails


By Lori

The T.A.N. Iris... Tough as Nails

this is the first clump of nine flourishing clumps that came from a neighbour in town. He didn't want it and left it in his carport all winter... it was still alive in the spring when I saw it and asked about it...He said: If you want it~ it's yours. And so began my iris obsession.

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Might be t.a.n, but lovely with it.

4 Jun, 2016


I can't be sure, but I think it was about this time of year when I first put them in the ground...and they bloomed right away! I just love them for so many reasons...but primarily because they are so strong and resilient.

5 Jun, 2016


Yes, its a great time of year for us Iris lovers! I have bearded, dutch, and pond varieties all flowering. :)

7 Jun, 2016


I have bearded, siberians and a yellow water iris. My neice has it in her pond and she was so surprised by its spread in just one season... When I told her I had bought 8 plants she just sighed. (Those were the 8 plants that were washed downstream in the first stream deluge in 2013...or wast it 2012? I found 3 and I have tons of them now...imagine if I had all 8? )

7 Jun, 2016


Funny how things always turn out for the best...I did nothing but complain about the terrible wet cold summer last year...but it was fantastic for the plants. Their roots got right down into the soil and the garden is much better for it. Nature is the best gardener!

8 Jun, 2016


I had no irises yet in this garden but I got 2 crates full of assorted plants yesterday from a very kind gardener who put all this on freecycle. In with this lot are many irises, probl all different ones, so it'll be exiting to see what comes up. It is strange how plants I intensely disliked, I am now becoming rather fond of. I used to be a passionate tulip hater, but with the beautiful and subtle colours now being bred they are now a different breed. Probably a result of red yellow and orange tulips (only) everywhere when I was growing up.

8 Jun, 2016 of my friends on here suggested that perhaps the love ove tulips comes with maturity! I, like you, was never a fan in my younger days! But I think a visit to Keukenhof may have had a huge influence on changing that mindset!

8 Jun, 2016


De keukenhof had the opposite effect on me Karen ?, but that was 55 years ago, which explains all!

8 Jun, 2016


How I would love to see the keukenhof! And everyone has their own pets, too... I love the ancient red/yellow parrot tulips with the fringed petals and the wonderful lily scent. They must be an old tulip because they are super sturdy and come up gangbusters every year! Also love the new "peony" tulips...(another symptom of aging, Karen, the memory comes and goes) darn it! what is their name?..they are soft pink and white and just an eyefull! will have to go looking and get back to you... :-(
Two crates! Wow... very generous. I'm sure all the iris specialists on here will be able to help you with names... The T.A.N.s are just starting and even though they are commoners I love them best of all. I think I put the Midnight Revelry Iris in the transfer bed because there are two healthy shoots and one has a blossom coming! I sure hope so...or maybe it's something else? ... I like a surprise. There are lots of different types too... siberians, beardies, dutch, etc. Next spring is going to be great!

8 Jun, 2016


Give me the black hero tulip, love it. Will be doing lots of tulip research for my spring garden! Yes will definitely be asking GOY members about my iris results.

9 Jun, 2016


oh yes! I had forgotten the dark tulips! Reminds me of my friend, Jean. She loved to plant the dark tulips and pink tulips's a smashing combo and if they were early enough the forget me nots with their tiny blue flowers lightened it up! She also liked Montbretia... will have to look for them.

9 Jun, 2016


Sounds a gorgeous pic Lori, my choice too. One day....

9 Jun, 2016


I went back to some of my first pics on GoY... and started looking for the pic I have of the dark tulips... got sidetracked and guess what? I forgot what I was looking for and gave up. I had grass to cut today and I'm feeling sore and tired so I'm going to wait for tomorrow to look again.

10 Jun, 2016


? that is hilarious Lori! I'm so with you there.
I'm knackered today as well, went camping with my 4 year old grandaughter in my van. It's like living with a whirlwind but as the weather was so good we were outside mostly. Gardening seems so staid afterwards!! But gosh is it relaxing ?

10 Jun, 2016


Your granddaughter is four! how fast they grow! I'm not sure I could keep up with a four-year-old. LOL... good for you! Still can't find that pic of the dark tulips... Will have to go back into my library and dig one out. I had one artsy-fartsy pic I took of just the bowl of the tulip and some lovely yellow appledoorns, but not the pic I was remembering. ...onward...

11 Jun, 2016


Yes she has a two year old sister now, both so lovely. I do need recovery time after spending a day with them lol! Preferably with a glass of something red to unwind, but they do keep you young and on your toes, love them to bits.

12 Jun, 2016

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