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Ruby the Ficus tree


By Stan510

Ruby the Ficus tree (Ficus elastica (Assam Rubber) 'Ruby')

This was in a 3" pot,6" tall, in June or so of 2014. Lots of color,never had a leaf singed by frost. I got a good clone.

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They're a pretty tough tree! The little light frost a year that happens isn't enough to affect this tree. It's the freezes that affect them. Like in 1972, 1990 and 1998 (which wasn't too bad). The two previous ones were horrible freezes!

I read the 1932 freeze was horrible, also. That was the biggest freeze until the 1972 and 1990 freezes in the 20th Century in the San Francisco Bay Area.

7 Jun, 2016


The normal variegated F.elastica Andy is a bit more frost tender and has a habit of shedding many leafs while growing new ones. I talked to a guy in Phoenix that he says does the same exact thing.
'Ruby' does not do that. It just looks good all year,and in frosts that burnt edges of 'variegated',Ruby was perfect.
Down your way? Oof,this as a tree would have to be a centerpiece..for you,it might always be in growth.
Ruby I nominate as most colorful F.elastica cultivar..until something better comes along.

7 Jun, 2016


There's one very large F. elastica 'Ruby' not too far from where I live. I should get a photo. Unfortunately, I haven't taken many photos to post on GoY lately.

8 Jun, 2016



Speaking of F. elastica 'Decora' 'Ruby' trees in Southern California here's one on Palm Talk.

9 Jun, 2016


Thats a big Ruby. I think that would fit in with Sherman Gardens type display.

10 Jun, 2016


There's larger trees here in San Diego. I should get some photos of the very large Ficus elastica 'Decora' and Ficus lyrata trees I see on the way to work. Many of F. elastica 'Decora' trees are over 50' tall and many of the F. lyrata trees are more than 30' tall. I read some where in a book or periodical that San Diego has the largest Ficus trees in California and the U.S. (only south Florida may have some larger).

10 Jun, 2016

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