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Purple Bougainvillea again


By Stan510

Purple Bougainvillea again (Bougainvillea spectabilis)

Looking so good after slow start in March. No thorns and compact growth on "Vera"

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I agree, how I wish it would grow in my garden.

7 Jun, 2016


It's looking good!

The Bougainvilleas here were in full bloom in early February. They bloomed so well because the very hot weather during February.

Does your Plumeria have any buds?

15 Jun, 2016


Just spotted one today. Celadine.
Plumeria obtusa Andy,got knocked off a shelf during those winds we had all over the state last month or so,broke one stem. Potting soils all over the side stairs...a mess.
But today I see many new shoots finally turning into leafs.

That one 4" branch might be hard to root..we will see.

15 Jun, 2016


That's great you're getting buds! :>)

Sorry to hear about your Plumeria obtusa 'Singapore'! I really miss my old one I had for so many years. It was fried to death in a horrible heatwave 3 years ago or so. I loved that little tree because it used to bloom well in winter, also. (when we had hot weather). It would only loose all its leaves every three years.

I know of a few large trees around here. I may have to see if I can trade a plant for a goo-sized branch (4ft or so)...they root the best. They do not propagate well from small cuttings. This has been my experience, anyway. I wish you luck with your small branch! We're suppose to be get some extremely hot weather this Thursday, Friday and the weekend into next week. It's perfect weather for starting plumeria cuttings! :>). It's just not perfect weather for me! Ugh! :>((

15 Jun, 2016


You can grow VERA waddy..its a dwarf well suited to pot culture.
I can never say about indoors in winter for a Bougainvillea. At least with this you would have a real chance.

17 Jun, 2016


I never heard of VERA waddy. Is it a Bougainvillea?

17 Jun, 2016


I'very not heard of it either, I've tried to Google it, but I can't find anything.

17 Jun, 2016


And,you can grow it VERA well if you try...hee..

17 Jun, 2016



That's so funny! I though Vera waddy was a new variety of Bougainvillea. LOL!

I guess I was posting a comment the same time as Waddy.

18 Jun, 2016


Oh, you monkey Stan!

18 Jun, 2016


No,no verawaddy Andy. Just Vera.

I posted this plants progression a few times. It's been a much better potted plant then the commonly sold Raspberry Ice.

I never could get that one to bloom much.and it would die off eventually in pots. In ground,they do well.

I have had people wonder why the pot when they are used to seeing the huge mounds of Bougainvillea?. Its hard to explain to them that Vera is so much more tame for normal yards..and gives you the same punch of color.

18 Jun, 2016



OK, now I understand. LOL!

I looked up Bougainvillea 'Vera Purple'. It's a super dwarf.

I have a Bougainvillea 'Orange King' I've had in a pot for more than 27 years. I purchased two at a hardware store (which I can't remember the name) that's been out of business for many years. One I kept in a pot and the other was put into the ground when I lived in Hayward. It was trained as a standard. It was moved to Mission San Jose, Fremont as a large tree. It amazingly survived after loosing all it's leaves and smaller branches. It came back beautifully! (it was 12' tall) When I moved to San Diego it had to be left behind in Fremont, sadly!

19 Jun, 2016


Andy,is your old home worth a drive by? Or has it changed too much?
I've googled our family's old homes...sad,sad. What was a beautiful little home in Lathrop with Olive and Walnut tree's (Huge! we picked bags and bags) A greenhouse then a Grape arbor,Apricots,Plums,Cherry's, and a Lemon on 1/4 acre?..just all cut down.Cars park on what used to be a lush Bermuda grass lawn.

20 Jun, 2016


You've been by the Bruce Drive House in Mission San Jose, Fremont, correct? The only trees that still stand are those seven king palms which where started in July of 1994 as tiny liners.

20 Jun, 2016


No,havent been to Fremont. I was wondering if the Hayward home was still worth a look?
I know the first thing buyers do is chop down plants. They want to SEE their new home when they drive up.
When that wears off? They plant.
The cycle starts again.

20 Jun, 2016


No, it's not. They took pretty much everything out except the large flowering Cassia leptophylla, which survived the 1990 without no damage whatsoever.

You have been to the house in Fremont. It's the house across the street from the mango tree in Mission San Jose, Fremont on 3256 Bruce Drive.

Here's the pic of the king palms:

The mango tree across the street from the Bruce St. house.

20 Jun, 2016


No-lol,I used Google. Same for the mango tree. It was Bill of YouTube who went,then posted the vid of how it looks in January.
My little tree? Its really grown this year. I think before the season is over it's going to reach the gutters. Getting full too- not just taller.

Funny but some...uh..strange guy on another angry at the Fremont Mango,insisting it was the only one in the bay area that size and nobody else will ever have don't try in the bay area was his message.
THAT same guy even claimed he never saw an Avocado or Cherimoya in the bay area.
Some soucalians get hostile at the idea of bay area growing. I wonder why?

21 Jun, 2016


Oh, I didn't know that you never went to the Bruce Drive house, sorry!

There's definitely more mango trees in the SF Bay Area. I remember the infamous one in Santa Clara. It was huge and produced big mangoes for years. It was documented by some Palm Society friends who grafted the unknown variety. The large mango tree died in the 1972 freeze, though. When I lived in San Jose, so many years ago. My neighbor had two mango trees on the side of their house. They were beautiful trees. They were large (10') and protected by the south-facing wall. Unfortunately, the 87 freeway now goes through where those houses were located.

Some people, they're so used to making definitive statements! It irritates me! They make these statements without any proof and discourage other people from trying exotic plants and trees.

I remember back in 2008 this guy on one of the garden forums was arguing with me that Delonix regia could never grow in California because there's not enough humidity for them. So damned crazy! The best-looking and largest Delonix regia trees I've seen in California are growing in the low desert. I had to prove him wrong with lots of photos. LOL! I know you've seen all my many Delonix regia trees in Southern California. I'm so glad they sell them here at nurseries, now.

It's too bad there wasn't good digital cameras back then.

23 Jun, 2016


I was thinking about that Andy. In my lifetime? We had big freezes in 1968- In grammar school we "skated" in shoes across the frozen lawn. In 1972 we had a WHOLE MONTH of z8 type weather. I think it was 28 of 31 days near or under freezing.
Then 1990's deep freeze...a smaller shorter freeze in 1998. And maybe only 2007's since 1990 that might have been a setback..even then Hayward's low of 28f was only 2f from a normal 10a winter.
I read of other Hayward freezes in the 50's and early 60's.

The last 26 years of mild weather?...Longest gap of all.

24 Jun, 2016


The biggest recorded freezes in the SF Bay Area were in 1932, 1972, and 1990 (the worst according to records and some people did research going back to the Mission Days and say they said never saw temps so low). I think even with global warming there will still be freezes; however, of shorter duration. I think people know how to protect their plants better, also. They take more effort to protect their valuable tropicals.

San Diego has such a mild climate. I don't think I have to be too concerned about freezing temps. In January of 2007 San Diego had the coldest weather in 60 years. Where I live I had a temps just around 34 degrees (my coldest temp in 13 years) for one morning and two mornings at 37 and one at 39. That's not too hard to take for such a horrible cold spell. With this being said: further inland they had morning lows well below freezing for about a week (especially in canyons). Daytime temps did rebound to around 60...their only saving grace! I know in Ramona which is pretty high elevation (I think around 1,500 ft) they had one morning it was 14 degrees.

The low deserts had the coldest weather in 75 years (Jan 2007). I did see a lot of damage on gigantic Ficus elastica 'Decora' trees (60' plus tall). They were recovering very quickly in that desert heat. I was so surprised to see very little to no damage on Delonix regia. This tells me that such a freeze, if really dry doesn't affect them too much. I was shocked to see so many Delonix regia trees in just a few little neighborhoods. I wish I could tolerate the heat of the desert to get good photos. I literally hate going to the desert this time of year!

24 Jun, 2016

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