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Trained to a standard.


By Chino

Trained to a standard.

I trained this standard potentilla from a seedling I discovered growing in the same pot of the mother plant. I'm going to try a standard fuschia next, but my need some help. Do any members grow standard fuschia.

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That is brilliant - I've never seen that done before with a Potentilla. How long did it take?

I'm just starting to do that with a Euonymus.

Several of us have grown the fuchsias Chino. Not too late to take a few cuttings to start off with. Remove any flower buds and when rooted leave the leaves on the stem but don't allow it to form side shoots. Be careful which variety you choose as some are more suited to it than others. Avoid Southgate for example as its too brittle.
Lots of info on the net - better than trying to write it all out on here!

8 Jul, 2016


Hi steragram. I can't really remember probably about three years initially. It's quite admired, I will start a standard fuschia the method seems very similar to how I grew the potentilla choosing the strongest leader. I guess any shrub can be developed like this.

9 Jul, 2016


Yes I guess most can. I've seen it done with Lonicera nitida very effectively. Hywel has done a beautiful holly - you can see it on some of his blogs. Can you remember what time of year you took the Potentilla cutting and how long it was?

9 Jul, 2016


Well originally I bought it as a small plant it was in the ground for a while then I had to dig it out to move it so potted it till I found another place, the next season I found a little seedling growing at the side of it when I pulled on it it had a root and the picture is the end result of that seedling, the seedling was about six inches tall I think. But for a quick result you could go to a garden center and root about in the plant to see if one has a fairly straight stem and start it off from that.

10 Jul, 2016


Funnily enough I have a couple of rooted cuttings already that are very suitable. They were never intended to be that shape, I think something must have damaged them, but its turned out for the best! I just wish it had been the silver one rather than the gold but you can't have everything...

I wouldn't want to buy them because the pleasure will be in growing them!

10 Jul, 2016

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