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FINALLY! After 11 long years. Its going to bloom.


By Stan510

FINALLY! After 11 long years. Its going to bloom.

WHOA!..I thought it would never happen,that maybe I was hoping for something that never would happen. Then,TODAY. I see this bloom stalk.
My Pachypodium lamerei is going to bloom. Amazing.

ps It was a 3" potted plant I bought from Walmart in November,2005.
My internet records remember so much better then me nowadays...

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Congratulation :-0
There was one in front of the complex in Mexico(where we lived) which bloomed every year when we arrived in November and still bloomed when we were leaving in March,..... 3 years in the row. How long do these blooms usually last?
It is very eye catching plant...especially when in bloom.

1 Sep, 2016


I don't know Klahanie..this is an all time first for me-lol. So,if anything I'm learning about this from you. Did it bloom non stop? Or was it in flushes?
I came so close to moving it,potting it up, just something that I'm sure would have disturbed the roots or the cycle. I just left it.
12 years..a long time.

2 Sep, 2016


That's great! I know they flower here in spring and through summer and fall. Large old plants bloom best and for a longer period of time. This is based on my observations here in San Diego.

4 Sep, 2016


I know that on hardy palm board,one kept in a pot in Iowa starts its bloom in June.
Our cool nights always slow things down even when daytimes seem warm enough.
Still,Plumeria and Adenium arabica bloom sooner then this plant. What a wait.

5 Sep, 2016


They're all in the same family. I know they love a lot of heat. I've seen them growing all around the low desert. I think they grow to perfection in the Coachella Valley.

5 Sep, 2016


Everytime HGTV has that show "Moving to Mexico"?..the west coast gardens have beautiful large Pachypodiums and Adeniums. Plus Delonix Bursera and the large native cacti dominate.
Just a slightly warmer soucal..only the Coconuts waving are the difference in looks.
I'm still on a almost daily watch on that Pachypodium.
This has been a good summer for me. I got some things done I meant to do years ago. I also have tenants I can trust(relatives),unlike before when I was afraid to spread my plants around my own lot. Now,I'm digging and climbing tree's to plant on them!. A plant for every spot.
I picked up a nice Caladrina today at HD,planted in a bare spot in the front. Its tall Poppy like flowers are a contrast to the all foliage C&S.

6 Sep, 2016


It's definitely warmer in Western Mexico in winter. It's the dry season and the daytime temps can be hot and the evenings are cooler; however, not cold.

11 Sep, 2016


Its the 12th..and its moved maybe 2". lol. Ah,cool growing of tropicals..

12 Sep, 2016


There's so many flowering here right now. I suppose I should take some pics. lol!

There's one a few blocks from me. It's gorgeous...however, it's surrounded by large flowering Plumerias. Not sure how well the pics will turn out.

15 Sep, 2016


Do NOT TOP ME! Well,I want to see them. I would have thought for sure it would be near ready to bloom 2 weeks later now.
Not even close.
Its going to be a close call OR,Andy,its wait until next some Plumeria do. Buds one year- wont flower until next.

15 Sep, 2016


LOL! :>))

It can flower over a long period of time, from late summer through fall. They can bloom here in spring, also (I don't think it'll bloom there so early, though).

15 Sep, 2016

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