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More Dahlias.....slightly eaten lol

More Dahlias.....slightly eaten lol

They did not like the very hot weather in the South, doing so much better now that it has cooled down.....

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Surprising. You'd think they would enjoy a lt of heat. Mine are finally picking up in the greenhouse in their new pots.

4 Sep, 2016


Ops..forgot to say...this is lovely.

4 Sep, 2016


Thank you K........ Dahlias like some warmth......but searing heat is too much for them.

4 Sep, 2016


:) thanks...i dont have to worry then! Lol ;)

5 Sep, 2016


Don't know Dd, I had some of the dark leaved ones in france , south facing with scorching sun till about midday. They all did exceptionally well. I always think of them as pretty robust...except when it comes to slugs ggrrr

6 Sep, 2016


Resi I don't know either.....we're yours in containers or in the ground?..... perhaps they don't like our sea air? Or it might be certain varieties prefer the sun? but ours have perked up since the weather cooled down!!

6 Sep, 2016


The best one was in the hottest position, but in a pot, the others in the ground but west facing. Who knows why....

6 Sep, 2016


Mine were so dire...I repotted them in to bigger pots and put them in the greenhouse. I think I made a big mistake putting them out in June. We had a very cold June. Now they are really starting to take off...even Jescot Julie, which was almost totally destroyed by slugs. Theres hope for them yet. Boy, its been hot here the last two days! I managed to get out a little today, but yesterday We were stuck indoors all day lifting wet carpet and old lino as we had a flood last week and a lot of our floorings are ruined. We were both pouring with perspiration!

7 Sep, 2016


Oh dear there is nothing more annoying than water leaking where it shouldn't....... hopefully you managed to get it sorted...

8 Sep, 2016


We have the dehumidifiers on now. We're getting there. Thanks :)

8 Sep, 2016


Oh Karen that sounds bad. In for a noisy few weeks and more upheaval. Are you getting a different carpet or replacing with the same?
My dahlias are doing very well at the moment, one was eaten down to its roots but just seeems to have reinvented itself. Amazing they can do that without leaves and no photosynthesis possible.
Which dahlia is this Dd? Such a vibrant colour note for an autumn garden.

9 Sep, 2016


Resi I believe this is Roxy......

13 Sep, 2016


Thanks Dd, I've got Roxy! Mine look a different shade though. Internet colours!!! ?

14 Sep, 2016


To be truthful.....I am not entirely convinced this is Roxy!!

15 Sep, 2016


Whatever it is I like it!

16 Sep, 2016


Resi have just been checking through my garden files.....and this was called Happy singles fusion and not Roxy!! think the colours are similar but we must have lost Roxy!

20 Sep, 2016



21 Sep, 2016

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