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Banana update too.


By Stan510

Banana update too. (Musa balbisiana)

Ice Cream. This is not going to be a big fingered banana. Its looking to get round and stumpy so far. I could be wrong. I've never had any banana plant before that fruited. I once had a "superdwarf" I bought that didn't do anything but look haggard all winter and half of summer @ 2' tall.

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It's a good eating banana. I think you're going to love them.

My dad had 'Super Dwarf' bananas in San Jose which gave him big bunches of bananas. They were 12' tall. He fertilizes and waters a lot (I couldn't believe they were super dwarf, which he purchased from HD).

Here in San Diego my 'Super Dwarf' bananas would only grow to 5' and the bananas were really good, also. I don't fertilize and water like my dad. lol!

21 Sep, 2016


I grew Super Dwarf potted. That probably was the biggest mistake.

21 Sep, 2016


It probably would grow much better in Hayward's soil.

My grandmother who lived in Hayward grew really nice bananas for over 35 years. She used to give the bananas chicken manure every early spring. That was her secret to incredibly nice, big and very good-tasting bananas. Her bananas were planted in deep basins in the ground. It was easy for her to water with well-water.

23 Sep, 2016


My niece said that the home behind the home across the street had a Papaya plant last year- with fruit. They cut it down this year.
I never saw it..They do have the dragon fruit,the many Persimmon tree's,and I see a Cherimoya.and some citrus.
If they had a Papaya it probably wasn't getting full sun.
I keep reading they are hard to get to sweeten even in soucal unless you are far enough inland- like you- to ripen right.
When I dug those holes for the Guava? It was good dirt-lol. Black. I had never fertilized the banana's until a couple of weeks ago.

23 Sep, 2016


That's a fallacy about papayas need to be really hot to sweeten. I've been growing papayas for many years. Most of my papayas ripen in winter or early spring, when it's not too warm, especially at night. The big secret is to ripen them on the plant. 98 percent of the time that makes the difference between bitter and very sweet like candy papayas. Most of my papayas that I've grown are sweet like candy.

Guavas are very heavy feeders like bananas. Give them all you can give in water and fertilizer.

23 Sep, 2016


I have used the last couple of years Andy,the budget Vigoro Palms,Ixora and ornamental plant food. It does a good job. Lots of iron-- more I noticed then in their "Acid Plants- Azaleas,Camellia's" mix.
The Papaya this year turned a nice dark green..its done well the Hibiscus and Mangoes.
There are better...EB Stone. But that cost many times the Vigoro. You have to draw the line somewhere.

The Guava's are mulched. The Papaya's are mulched..the banana was mulched with a pine tree that was shredded two years ago and dumped in the empty lot next door. I hauled 60 or 90 gallon recycle bins back and for back then.
I wish they would dump more!..some tree company bypassing dumping fees.

24 Sep, 2016


That sounds like good fertilizer. Fertilizer has gotten so expensive. I used to buy the HD 20lb bag of chelated 20-20-20. It used to be $6.00...not anymore. I like using steer manure for many heavy feeders, like: bananas, papayas, Heliconia. My Ixoras are blooming like crazy this year. That's a plant that doesn't like much fertilizer. I killed a beautiful Ixora one summer many years ago with fertilizer.

24 Sep, 2016

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