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Croton (Croton)

This large Croton is planted at the entrance of the San Diego Zoo. Not sure what the variety is, though. Photo taken Nov. 2, 2016.

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Everything else that has that look is usually called "Goldust"....

6 Nov, 2016


Yes, I've had a croton Gold Dust planted in my front yard for years. It looked much better when we had regular rains.

7 Nov, 2016


Well,that Angel Wings you have is top notch. I saw a great Petra that had MUCH vivid Yellow. I dont know Andy..its supposed to be the most sensitive- but its also the most common.
Tough decision to pass.

7 Nov, 2016



Thanks! :>)) I try to take good care of my Angel Wings croton.

There's several good-sized Croton 'Petra' growing at the San Diego Zoo. They look very good!

I've never tried growing Croton 'Petra' in the past.

7 Nov, 2016


If I had known the fall would be this warm,i MIGHT have splurged on the much yellow Petra.
They really are on the edge. More marginal then Delonix.

9 Nov, 2016


Oh yes, Delonix regia is much more hardy than croton. Large Delonix trees have survived very cold temps (22 to 25ºF) in the desert with minimal damage.

Croton is really tender to protracted cool weather.

My large Angel Wings Crotons is growing like crazy after the major spider mite attack. My Mammy Croton is doing so well, also. Summer of 2015 it lost lots of leaves when I forgot to water it for an extended period. I need to transplant it.

Have you read this article on Crotons?

9 Nov, 2016


omg..its 80f at 8 am in San Diego!..ha. Its 65f here and THATS shocking by bay area standards on the way to 75? 80 later today?? Maybe.

9 Nov, 2016


It was 80ºF at 7:30 am here (where I live). It's 93ºF at 11:15 am. It's going to be a scorcher!

I've seen how warm it's been up there for this time of year. At least you had some rain. Here everything is drying to a crisp!

What did you think about the Croton article?

9 Nov, 2016


I had commented on it. Len had said that even he hadn't kept Petra alive. I know I should order "Stoplight"..I was told by Richard in south Texas ( on the hardypalm board) that was the only croton to take cold and keep all its leaves.
I've seen stoplight on the internet..small plants with shipping are a big price. I could buy three BIG Petra's at HD for the same price.
But,Stoplight would be the only one to live?
Maybe in spring. Since shipping is the main cost,I could save by ordering two.
IF i ever see the Angelwing- like yours Andy- I will snatch that up at HD.
I came so close. I should have last December put my Crotons on the porch. It took a record wet December and ONE- only one- night of frost,Dec 27th, to erase almost 2 years of growth.
I think the 27th was our only below 34f temp the whole winter.

10 Nov, 2016


I always see Angel Wing Crotons available for sale here in San Diego at HD. That's strange it wouldn't be available there.

10 Nov, 2016


I think I posted so much about Petra and Mammy doing well in Hayward..local suppliers ran with it. They do,do well. But,Stopight would be longer term ..I guess.
I used to see Angel Wing Croton all the time. That was years ago. The only 'wing I've seen in years was a really dark leafed variety that was missing most leaves. I had to pass on that- even if it thrived,I don't want a dark leafed croton. I used to see the ones like yours with Petra like splashes.

10 Nov, 2016


The Angel Wing Croton has light colored leaves when they first grow, then turn dark in fall. That's what I love about Angel Wings. I used to have a Ms. Iceton. It did incredibly well for such a tropical-looking plant (it was a very hardy plant!). I over water it (it was siting in water) last summer and it died! :>((

My experience here in San Diego is that they grow very fast when well-maintained.

11 Nov, 2016

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