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Mango's last winter flush.


By Stan510

Mango's last winter flush. (Mangifera indica (Mango))

This is totally unaltered. That's how red it is. Even the green on this Champagne Mango is darker green then my larger Baileys Marvel Mango I bought in 2010.
This I grew from a seed.

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It looks incredible! The mango trees here are flushing, also. My little seedling is flushing growth, too. It's really late in the year for them to flush new growth even for San Diego.

10 Dec, 2016


Andy for fun look at this. A Newport Beach Mango planted in 2011 or so and use the upper left street view to see how its grown from that 18" or so to 10' or so by June 2016 and first flowering.
You can beat that!
I lost a couple of good year since I bought mine in 2010. But its right there now at 8'+. If not for 2012's late,-117.9013015,3a,30y,244.32h,90.7t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1ssEkK6PdJ9Vu6iWeHVblCRQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656?hl=en

10 Dec, 2016


This little tree thinks its a Poinsettia. Color has not been enhanced- I promise you all.

11 Dec, 2016


I saw the Newport mango tree. It looks good!

I love flushing leaves of mango trees! They looks so bright with their magenta, pink and yellow leaves.

I see you're getting lot of rain up there. Send some to us.

12 Dec, 2016


Its supposed to be torrential today.. it was heavy a few days ago too.
All I ever see is from San Diego to Cabo..a separate climate on the weather map..tricking north to Santa Barbara..Its like soucal has its own little ocean that deflects cold storms.
To us!

15 Dec, 2016


I see you are getting hammered with torrential rains. It's what California needs to get out of this historical drought.

We're going to get quite a bit of rain late tonight through tomorrow. The forecast is for about 1 to 2 inches maybe where I the foothills to more than 4 inches. That would be excellent for the dying trees. It suppose to cool down, also. I see 40's instead of the 55 - 59 temps for morning lows, also.

16 Dec, 2016


A big cold weekend here Andy. My lows for Sat and Sun are in the 35f and 34f according to NOAA. YET,in the Hayward Hills they say 41f and 40f. I'm that close to a sweet spot for subtropicals.
The hills have San Francsico 10b winters.
I dont see much covering for me to do...small things are on the porch and large things too large to cover. 34f I can survive.
Its been chilly inland in soucal..or will be. The big citys are fine. They shrug off radiational type frost conditions.

16 Dec, 2016


I see there's a frost advisory for Hayward. Hopefully, the cold will pass by quickly!

Today was the coldest morning we've had so far, it was 46 degrees! Cold! The morning lows have been so consistently in the mid to upper 50's for the last three weeks. We had a ton of rain yesterday morning and day. More than 1 inch and some places 2 inches plus. :>))

By Tuesday the temps will be back up into the low to mid 70's, for 3 or 4 days.

17 Dec, 2016


Saturday passed at 37f at my house (54 Friday was a chilly windy high). 36f at hayx. I'm sure Sunday will be just above frosty temps also.
We warm up to 62 by next week,mostly 58's though after that.
Lows? all above average. I think our frost season has one more day and thats it for this year.

I brought in the Jackfruit seedlings and Pitcher plant. Delonix and Adenium put on the porch.

17 Dec, 2016


It's really cold here, also. The low is suppose to be 44 or 43. It's already 49 degrees at about 11:00 p.m. Tomorrow it's suppose to be warmer 66 degrees. I see there's a hard freeze warning for tomorrow night in the San Joaquin Valley...temps down to 25 -32 degrees.

18 Dec, 2016


The official low was 35f. I saw 34F at my home thermo. Driving around town a bit,Only my Ensente maurelii and a few Chayote vines around wilted. Brugs look ok. Still 98% fine and in bloom.
My Ice Cream Banana had a few leafs singe on top..nothing like the E.maurelli.
All else..a good winter that will go down as just scraping 10b,plenty of rains,only the high temps were same-o. Cant have everything.
Orchids look fine. Laelia anceps is the one that laughs at cold. The Mexican Orchids is general are fine in low California. I have some kind- bought from a discount market about 4 years ago now..about to have its best bloom. It never had a label,and the last two years buds fell off. This year,I got serious,put it in new media,larger pot,and better dappled sun spot.
What it is that will be revealed I await. Just in time for Christmas.

18 Dec, 2016


Lots of soucal dipped into the 30's. Santa Barbara airport hit 39f. I thought I saw a 33 at Santa Monica..but EVERY other station around that one was at 48-50f. So,33f was bogus I guess. San Francisco at 43f Oakland at 41f. The best Fremont temp I saw held at 38f..the worst was 33f.
Warmup starting 2+f. At least the frost is over.

18 Dec, 2016


Yes, it was pretty chilly throughout most of Southern California. I do agree...33 degrees in Santa Monica is pretty unbelievable! I would guess it would get down to mid to upper 40's at the coldest. It has all the warm salt water to protect it from getting too cold...just like downtown San Diego.

20 Dec, 2016


62f today and sunny. That's a nice climb from 38f. The cats slept on the sunny stairs of the side porch most of the day. I had to step over them..

21 Dec, 2016


That's a really nice temp for the first day of winter.

I forgot to add my Adeniums are growing and my Adenium arabicum has a flower on it. I guess it was due to the very warm weather in November. Last night and this morning we had a tremendous amount of tropical rain...hopefully, they're not getting too much water!

22 Dec, 2016


The time date is a day off. It was 66f. Some sites say 65f. I I was in Fremont and my car said 67f. Nice no matter what.
The long range I remember last week or so said nothing over 59f to the end of January. So much for super long range weather forecasts.
I'm getting the urge to plant something. Just pruning dead leafs isn't enough garden fun right about now-lol.

22 Dec, 2016


That's warm temps for the first few days of winter. However, get ready for the cold, wet weather tomorrow. It's going to hit us late Friday into Christmas Eve. It's still raining here. I can't believe how much rain we've received here. It's so nice to see rain, again! Yay! :>))

I heard tonight on the news the snow level will most likely get down to 4,000 to 3,500 ft on Saturday morning. That's low for southern California It'll feel like Christmas for once! lol

My friend in San Jose said the snow level a few weeks ago was down to the tops of the hills around the SF Bay Area.

23 Dec, 2016


I don't think so about snow. Usually they do the snow on Mt Hamilton thing. I never saw that. When it was was clear this year.
Rain? THAT's been flowing since October. I need a break.

24 Dec, 2016


It was probably on Mt. Umunum and Hamilton and the higher peaks. He said he got some pics.

It's crazy here tonight. It feels like a hurricane is hitting San Diego! Yikes! lol! All of San Diego County is under a flood advisory and wind warning.

24 Dec, 2016

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