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Washingtonia robusta - Mexican Fan Palm

Washingtonia robusta - Mexican Fan Palm (Washingtonia robusta - Mexican Fan Palm)

These palms are at Pacific Beach, San Diego, CA. It was a very warm day in most of San Diego; however, it was only 70ºF (21ºC) at the beach and it was breezy which made it feel we went to the San Diego Zoo. Photo taken Feb. 21, 2017.

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Only 70 - lol, that's nice and warm here!

24 Feb, 2017


It would have felt warmer if it hadn't been so breezy. :>))

It was 76ºF (25ºC) when I left my house which is about a 15 minute drive from the beach.

25 Feb, 2017


We were pushing 70 until 5 days ago..then this cold streak that's reached even soucal dug in. 5 straight days in the 50's..cold nights about 40f. Inland,colder. Mt. Diablo had snow.

28 Feb, 2017


Yes, the weather has been so crazy! I saw last week some of your mornings were in the low to mid 30's. We had two mornings of lows 40's.

Yesterday, was the storm of all storms in San Diego for rainfall. We received from 3 to 6 inches of rain (one day) unheard of for San Diego. I saw we received 3.69 inches of rain in my neighborhood (a school two blocks from me). It was a southerly storm. It started raining on Sunday night at 10:30 p.m. and didn't stop raining until just about mid-night (Feb 27th), more than 24 hrs. It was the most rainfall ever recorded in one day for many areas of San Diego County.

28 Feb, 2017


I noticed even Tijuana is getting cold rains on some graph.

One observation from today? The glossy leafed Celadine made it through all this fine. The flat leafed "Celadine" had some tip rot. Same for P.obtusa. I expect both will branch out more.
Real warm- that stays? Can't get here fast enough. 2 months to go.

28 Feb, 2017


The rain was subtropical in origin; however, it didn't feel warm. The rains affected upper Baja California to San Diego County. The rivers and creeks are still flooded here. However, it was a beautiful day in the 60's tomorrow 70's and may 80 or 80's for Thursday and Friday. Yay!

The San Diego River crested at the 3rd highest level ever recorded yesterday and early today. Very impressive! So many of our reservoirs are close to capacity. Yay! Maybe will be officially over the drought now!

I looks forward to seeing your plumerias in spring. Are you papayas still doing well?

1 Mar, 2017


Delonix nature finds a way to catch always does!
Made me laugh looking at that Robusta.....ours is 2 ft!! and it has taken forever to get that tall!

10 Mar, 2017


We finally hit a warm spell. I was in Fremont and my car thermo was at 74f. Hayward was 71f. It seems like the long range is to be in that range. Its kind of strange to go from cold and damp and chilly...then nice. Like a switch.
Last I looked,they were still standing. Survived the rainiest winter since 1997.
Interesting that rainfall totals were higher in 97,but they said this winter topped that. Something that doesn't make sense to me since in 97 Hayward had about 38" of rain. We are at the 17" mark right now.
I do remember in 97 March and April were near non stop rains. No warm breaks like right now.

10 Mar, 2017


I saw it was warm up there, also. It's been warm here, upper 70's and mid-80's. Next week starting maybe Sunday, very hot weather is coming to San Diego...probably upper 80's and low 90's. It's not too unusual; however, it is a little early, though.

I do remember all the rain in 1997/98 in the Bay Area. It was crazy! I remember parts of Mission Blvd and 880 through Newark being closed due to severe flooding.

10 Mar, 2017


San Francisco totaled in 97 48" of rain.
Yep,I saw a internet photo of the SD hills looking velvety green. Another story about the soucal desert wildflower fields having an explosion of color.
Would be nice to see that.

10 Mar, 2017


Yes, I do remember all the rain so well in 97/98. It was amazing!

Yes, it's super green here in San Diego...the greenest since 2004/05 rainy season. The desert are exploding with color. Maybe going out to the desert in the next couple of days to see all the flowers.

11 Mar, 2017


Great, you can post us some desert pics.....

13 Mar, 2017


I didn't make it out to the desert. I have to get out there soon because it's already very hot (100ºF or 38ºC) out there, already, and the flowers won't last long, maybe only another week or two.

14 Mar, 2017


I heard that from Arizona gardeners on Agaveville plant board..they skipped the 70's and low 80's and went straight to 90's.
Everything this year has been extreme. Including ice storms in mid March in the northeast.

14 Mar, 2017


I know it's insane! Today it was in the low 90's here. It was HOT!!! The ground is already very dry! What's next?

15 Mar, 2017


80f here yesterday. Accuweather said 85f..but I will not endorse it was that warm.
Now,back to rains next week..but at near 70f not so bad.
I see my Mango is budding,and two look like flower spikes to be.
Yep,wild swings in weather nowadays.

15 Mar, 2017


That's great weather! Most of the mango trees here are in full bloom. I need to take a pic. before they stop flowering.

My seedling mango is putting on new growth again. I've never seen so much growth on mango trees. I think I counted 7 or 9 flushes of growth over the year on the mango trees here. I think 3 to 5 is average.

18 Mar, 2017


3-4 max here. If they are young and set fruit? Maybe no growth at goes into the fruit production. Its why so many pinch off stems on young tree's.
Mine is 8' has a nice can do what it wants.

My dwarfish Champagne? It would make a great centerpiece in any garden. I posted how it has deep red new foliage and the green foliage is a deep lush green- much more color then the bigger Baileys Marvel growing larger in the same garden. The only drawback is its a slower growing plant. I doubt I will see it ever get fence high. I could be wrong..we will see.

18 Mar, 2017


The 7 - 9 flushes of new growth on mango trees is right up there with the ones in the tropics. That amazes me! Last year the mango trees started flowering much earlier, in January and early February. This year they're later because of all the rain. They don't set fruit well in rainy weather.

Yes, Champagne or Manila is a dwarf tree overall. It good for a small garden. Bailey's Marvel is a big tree. It grows fast, also (from what I've read).

19 Mar, 2017

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