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Loropetalum chinense 'Fire Dance' - foliage


By Andrewr

Loropetalum chinense 'Fire Dance' - foliage (Loropetalum chinense 'Fire Dance')

I decided to post a picture of this shrub in case it doesn't make it through the winter. It is borderline hardy for me (it may take -5C) and needs a cool, shady position in moist acid soil. Can reach up to five feet. There is one growing at 'Chiffchaff's, a Yellow Book garden near Wincanton from where I bought this. The flowers, in spring, are pink and spidery like a witch hazel

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Hope it makes it for you Andrew, if so, you are going to love it. It blooms early spring here, when not much else is blooming, and sparsely again in the fall. They have a new variety out now that has red blooms, named Ever Red Sunset, and it's foliage is near black, the darkest I've seen of all the cultivars so far.

19 Aug, 2008


I have just bought this plant at our local (Peterborough) garden show and when researching it at home later, I discovered on one web site that at maturity the leaves revert to green which will be a shame and I wonder if you have any more information about this

3 Apr, 2009


Bernard - the first thing to know about this plant is it is going to be a b*gger to get through a winter - I've lost it twice. The leaves have stayed purple right through the year but what happens in subsequent years I don't yet know.

3 Apr, 2009


Thanks Andrewr. Fingers crossed then and I must make sure to protect it next winter.

4 Apr, 2009


Hi Andrewr, bought this plant today, one of the reasons I found this site - was looking for info. One of my queries is what position does this plant like best? I couldn't find out - even when v nice bloke at garden centre looked it up in a huge plant dictionary!!

11 Oct, 2010


Jeanette - welcone to GOY. It's a great looking plant isn't it?
This needs a cool, woodland position so a moist, humusy soil in light or dappled shade suits it best. However, it's is not the hardiest plant around so it will need a lot of TLC to get it through the winter. My method is to plant it in a bottomless pot and later in the autumn, lift it (pot and all), stand it inside another pot and bring it indoors in a cool but light place out of full sun. By planting it like this, it gets minimal root disturbance when lifted. This worked last winter!

11 Oct, 2010


Hi Andrew, has it made it through so far? I'm very keen on getting this plant as 3 yr old specimens are being offered in 2 ltr pots. Having googled lots, I've found the consensus of recommendations is for sun or part sun, moist but well drained. It's a minefield isn't it? I've even looked on you tube, some fantastic ones on there too:-)

23 Jan, 2011


I'm sorry to report I've lost mine again :-(
Still, I've ordered another one and will try (yet) again.

23 Jan, 2011


Did you bring it in Andrew? :-)

23 Jan, 2011


Yes I did - and it promptly died on me - grrrr.
The replacement (when I get one) will stay out but get covered with fleece and have to take its chance.
Checked on my cycad yesteday - it's in a big pot and covered in fleece and it's happy as Larry so at least one 'iffy' plant has survived unscathed. I wonder who Larry was and why he was so happy - perhaps his loropetalum survived?

24 Jan, 2011


Ha ha, Andrew, this question came up in a quiz recently and nobody really knew the answer. Possibly to do with a 19th century Aussie boxer, Larry Foley, who never lost a fight, retired from the ring at 32 with a £1,000 purse! Well, he would be happy, wouldn't he? : o ) Oh, by the way, did Maureen cope with the Winter weather ok ?

24 Jan, 2011


Glad you've got one iffy through Andrew. You were obviously too kind to your loropetalum:-(
Hello Shirley \0/:-)

25 Jan, 2011


Hello to you, Ba ... are you waving to me? Took me a little while to understand that sign ... \O/ : o ))

25 Jan, 2011


Took me ages to figure them all out too, I put a question on about them when I joined:-)

25 Jan, 2011


I'm just thankful we don't have those Emoticons on here ... OH (and that took me ages to understand the meaning of!) goes on a football forum and there are some really annoying (not to say rude) ones on there!

Andrew ... apologies for hijacking your blog ... sorry ! : o )))

25 Jan, 2011


Shirley - last time I checked, Maureen was OK but she might have sneaked off for a hot cup of soup when I was away in Chile. At least with her long legs, her tummy was well clear of the snow (but she says she can't find any leg warmers to fit in any of the shops over here)

25 Jan, 2011


LOL, Andrew, if anyone reading this doesn't know of Maureen, they are going to be very confused! Sadly, I don't knit, so no leg warmers coming your way. : o )

25 Jan, 2011


Eh... Maureen??:-)

26 Jan, 2011


See blog 'New Helper' from 1st June by Andrew to explain about Maureen! : o ))

26 Jan, 2011


I've just had a look, she's very pretty:-) There are so many interesting blogs on Andrews page I must find time to look at too:-)

26 Jan, 2011


Hi Andrew!! Ta for your tips, well, 5 months on and my plant seems to be surviving in south-east facing flowerbed - altho some of the branch tips & leaves seem to have died, I think I see flowerbuds!! I am in Bristol, are you also in the south-west (you got yrs in Wincanton?) Have got camera to work today, will post pic when I find out how!
Thanx for your advice, am going to use this site more often

13 Mar, 2011


No, Jeanette, I'm in East Berkshire. Wincanton is about 90 miles down the M3 and A303

20 Mar, 2011


Hi andrew, just an update - and a very bad foto I have posted on my page, (sorry!)
I managed to keep this plant thru the winter, amazed when I saw loads of new growth.....realised it was both flowers AND new leaves only a few wks ago...
Tips of older branches obviously dead - I was thinking I should leave pruning til flowering is over??
I am really pleased bout the vivid colour of the flowers - a beautiful deep fuschia....nobody else I know has one!!
Thanx for your advice, cheers j :-D

23 Apr, 2011


Andrew do you still have this plant, or did you give up in the end? have just bought one so would be interested to know......

26 Feb, 2013


DD - mine was wrapped up last autumn with straw around the roots, and a fleece over the top. I haven't uncovered it yet, so I don't know if this has worked or not

27 Feb, 2013


I do hope so Andrew, ours arrived this morning, love the colour of the leaves, will wait to hear from you, apparently we can expect warmer weather by the weekend? but, for how long is another matter......

27 Feb, 2013


DD - I went out this afternoon and checked under the fleece - it's looking a bit battered but still alive :-))

27 Feb, 2013


Oh good, I am so pleased......

28 Feb, 2013


Me too!

28 Feb, 2013



1 Mar, 2013

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