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Mango bloom.


By Stan510

Mango bloom.

THIS is the largest panicle this tree has produced. I guess it makes sense as it becomes a larger plant..larger bloom and probably fruits that follow.

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Thats wonderful can you eat the fruits.?

2 Jun, 2017


YES!...delicious too. This was a small stick of a tree in 2011. Its fruited..but being so small -so were the fruit. I think as it gets more tree like,the fruits will become larger also.
I'm still on a learning curve with these Penny since they are very rare in the bay area. Each year teaches more.

3 Jun, 2017


Is that the fruit mango I know of they are great for the lungs and cancer if so. I hope it produces bigger fruits for you now its become larger , yes we all are still learning one way or another with plants.

3 Jun, 2017



Your mango tree looks excellent! The mango trees here have walnut-sized fruit.

5 Jun, 2017


I know,I talked to a Houston hobbyist who has many of the same plants I have...and his are way ahead now. His Poinciana is 16' AFTER a freeze. His mangoes look full sized ,not ripe though.
This was a rough winter. Many setbacks I lost the 3 year old Papaya..My Ti plants were defoliated and now are coming back with nice small leaves. They will get larger as summer goes on.
My "Bahamas" Hibiscus was killed nearly to the ground...but its sprouting. Last year this time it was lush green and has those huge blooms. A. arabica died.
Funny that the Nepenthas alata did ok...its sending out new pitchers. 11 months old now. And about 16" was just half that last year when I bought it. Also- the Orchids,the Cattlyea Orchids did great. Outdoors all year. Not one day indoors.
You win some,you lose some,and sometimes you win some for just a few years,and sometimes you win for good!

6 Jun, 2017


Yes, sometimes the challenge is half the fun. Sometimes, it makes one sad! I do like the challenge of growing plants.

My papayas are doing really well this year. However, I had three Thai Dwarf papayas planted in one hole...this wasn't a good idea at all. lol! I'll most likely cut the other two out to give it's nutrients to the main one, which looks excellent. All the papayas should flower and fruit this year. Last year no fruit at all because of the severe drought conditions. It really strange because so many of the dozens of papayas I see going to work are loaded with ripening fruit! Go figure! :>/

All my little Colvillea racemosa and Delonix regia seedlings are growing so well! I'm very pleased, even after such a wet winter. The weather here has been horrible the last 3 sun, just gloomy, cloudy cool weather.

6 Jun, 2017


Oh, for your climate, but we Brits would have nothing to moan about then.

11 Jun, 2017



I'm so spoiled here in San Diego's warm subtropical climate. Most of the time it's gorgeous warm sunshine.

12 Jun, 2017


Well,Hayward is moderation. Almost never need air con..but summer days are pleasant,sunny. Winters are short -mid Dec- and by the end of January,winter nights are past any temps near freezing.
I hitched a ride on Andy's answer...

13 Jun, 2017



You're pretty spoiled there, also. Most years the temps are so mild during winter. Very rarely a frost or freeze there. You can't complain too much, right? ?

I bet you're going to get a lot of mangoes this year.

13 Jun, 2017

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