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Ligularia dentatum "Othello"


By Lori

Ligularia  dentatum "Othello"

Othello is still in foliage... usually blooms in August. I've allowed it to go to seed and it's progeny are colonizing the stream banks.

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What lovely shaped foliage bet it looks great by the stream .

25 Jul, 2017


the stream garden is slowly taking shape. As is probably obvious, I'm not rushing things... I finally got around to trimming the Siberian Iris clumps so that the Ligs were visible..!! I have spearmint staging a coup at the moment. (I harvest it each autumn and dry it for tea.) it should be in blossom very soon and it's pretty pink/purple looks good with the orange-yellow of the ligs.

2 Aug, 2017


Yes your stream garden is looking great Lori that Spearmint sounds pretty and interesting I shall have to keep my eye out for one and try the tea is it just called Spearmint Lori?

3 Aug, 2017


yes, 3d.. Metha spicata. There are so many "mints" out there that it's not hard to get the wrong variety. To me, spearmint has the cleanest, best taste and aroma of all of them. second to it would be Mentha pepperita, and there is also a "pineapple" mint that is nice as well. One caution: if you are going to plant mint and cannot countenance it's entitlement to grow wherever it wishes...make sure you give it a special containment bed all to itself. It's not hard to get rid of if you don't like it, or if it stages a coup. Pennyroyal is a mint that is grown for it's flowers.
Best Refresher Ever:
steep a 6 or 8 cup pot of Orange Pekoe
Pick a handful of mint tips... or take 3 or 4 spikes of mint.
juice 2 oranges and 2 lemons
Pour the boiling tea over the mint, in a separate pot. Allow to steep another 5 minutes.
pour all liquid into a large pitcher. (you may strain out the mint leaves now if you like.)
Add sugar to taste and if you like to add ice make sure the tea is strong! Cool further under refrigeration...serve in a tall glass with fresh mint sprigs and/or lemon wedges as garnish. Very refreshing!

4 Aug, 2017


Thank you so much Lori I shall save this to my favoirites so I can try your recipe sounds great.

4 Aug, 2017


sorry...another correction. it is Mentha spicata... sorry I missed the n in the reply, 3d.

10 Aug, 2017


Thank you so much Lori kind of you to let me know spelling does nt bother me like it does others we are all human and humans are not perfect I know what you meant . ☺

10 Aug, 2017



10 Aug, 2017


11 Aug, 2017

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