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Veitchia arecina - Montgomery Palm

Veitchia arecina  - Montgomery Palm (Veitchia arecina  - Montgomery Palm)

This palm grows pretty tall here in San Diego. It looks heat and humidity as it's native to Vanuatu which is close to Fiji in the South Pacific. Photo taken at the San Diego Zoo on July 25, 2017.

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They are wonderful at least they don't block out the sun like trees with lower foliage.

26 Jul, 2017


Palms have a real big cooling affect on people. Palms actually cool much more efficiently than larger-canopied trees.

There's many species (probably 20 species) of palms in this area.

27 Jul, 2017


Thats very interesting perhaps we should have them here more.

27 Jul, 2017


Unfortunately, I don't think there's too many species of palms which grow there.

28 Jul, 2017


No and they are mainly grown down south the warmer climate areas. I have 2 Fan Palms well I think that's what they are ?lol

28 Jul, 2017


Yes, fan palms are the hardiest. Usually, Trachycarpus fortunei and Chamaerops humilis are the most commonly grown hardy palms in Europe.

29 Jul, 2017


Thank you Andy its nice to be reassured they are hardy.

29 Jul, 2017


You're welcome. :>))

29 Jul, 2017


29 Jul, 2017


Again-lol- I have palm seeds I sprouted and it might be this palm. From Florida relatives who from small iphone photos have palms that look like that Andy..and they bought the home with them. They are not plant people.
The seedlings are a nice dark green compared to other palms I have seen as seedlings. Something more tropical to them.
So,I have 4 in one pot. One day...

3 Aug, 2017


I know Palm Society people who have grown Veitchia arecina in the SF Bay Area for a few years. It's just too cool in winter, though. They eventually succumb. The inspiration for the 5 King palms in Mission San Jose, Fremont was taken from a stand of five Veitchia planted at New Park Mall (indoors).

5 Aug, 2017


I believe that. Its a gray area here all the especially wet year or especially cold,and the plant goes belly up.
I have the seeds. But,if they do well..losing them and years is a real downside.

6 Aug, 2017


Yes, Veitchia arecina is only truly hardy in the truly frost-free areas around Los Angeles and San Diego. To try to grow this palm long-tern outside these areas in California is futile.

7 Aug, 2017

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