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Oncidium Orchid

Oncidium Orchid (Oncidium)

This Ocidium orchid was flowering outside at the San Diego Zoo. There's several orchids which grow outside on the trees there. Photo taken July 25, 2017.

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Pretty and very delicate looking.

6 Aug, 2017


Gorgeous I love orchids can only grow these type in doors here.

6 Aug, 2017



It's a pretty tough orchid.

7 Aug, 2017



So many orchids grow outside here in San Diego. They do need semi-shade to shade, though.

7 Aug, 2017


Your lucky again Andy you have the weather over here they do grow them in very big glass houses in grounds where you pay to visit .

7 Aug, 2017


I used to see them for sale..not now. HD is almost all the tender Moth orchids.
I think I'm ok with what I have though. 2 Cattlyea hybrids and one Dendrobium "comet" type, D.kingyanna and my Masdavallia's.
Sometimes you have to say- "enough". lol. So far only the D,kinglyanna has been fast enough for me to plant cuttings.
Oop- left out a few Cymbidiums too.

7 Aug, 2017


Orchids are so popular and easy to grow for most people. For me, it's almost impossible! I've never been able to grow orchids well. I can grow almost any plant except orchids! lol!

9 Aug, 2017


Stan: I'm envious. I've tried to find a Masdavallia that wouldn't set me back to the tune of the national debt... They're not much seen here. Lots of Moth orchids and cattleya and some Cybids... but not a Masdevallia to be seen! I think they are the prettiest of all the orchids.

11 Aug, 2017


So, you don't keep orchids, D1? I have a moth orchid that's just finished a blooming period of 5 months! . Same three blossoms...5 months! amazing. We all seem to have plants that for whatever reason just don't want to be with us. LOL... I have a lifelong love of digitalis (foxglove) and I have the proper environs for it too...but can I get it to grow????

11 Aug, 2017



Almost all orchids, like Masdavallia, Cattleya, Phaelanpsis, Oncidium, Cymbidium, Epidendrum and Dendrobium are so commonly sold here. I refuse to buy another orchid, though. lol! I only have Epidendrum, Phaelanopsis and Dendrobium orchids...until they die. LOL!

13 Aug, 2017


I came across a fact that Los Angeles hasn't had a 32f temperature since 1979. Might never again I think.
So,even more tender plants are adding to what can be grown in San Diego by the year just about. What was iffy..probably does well.
I wonder what's been discovered to grow in the 2000's that wasnt grown before? Would make a nice hort article.

13 Aug, 2017


San Diego has only had few 32 degrees f. readings (officially) in 167 years of weather keeping records. The last time San Diego had an official 32 degree f. reading was back in 1963..the temps in downtown very really even go below 40 degrees f. in the last several years. There's actually been some winters when San Diego didn't drop below 50 degrees f. This is why you can see large Hyophorbe lagenicaulis (Bottle Palm) growing outside here and really no other areas of California (including the Los Angeles Area).

13 Aug, 2017

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