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Plumeria 'Pink Pastel'

Plumeria 'Pink Pastel'  (Plumeria 'Pink Pastel')

This is my Plumeria 'Pink Pastel'. It's doing very well this year since the extreme drought is done. Photo taken Aug. 20, 2017.

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Absolutely stunning Andy .

26 Aug, 2017


Thank you! :>)) It's a very good bloomer. I'm so glad it's flowering again. Last year it didn't flower at all (because of the severe drought).

26 Aug, 2017


Well it's making up for it now and given you a wonderful display.

26 Aug, 2017


Yes, it's doing quite well this year. Yay! :>))

27 Aug, 2017


It's gives you real joy when they flower so good does nt it.

I am surprised they don't do there what we have here a lot of council houses have out side they have an out side toilet coal shed and out house in brick all joined together on top of the roof of these is a large metal tank that holds rain water with a pipe running down the side of the building with a tap on it so you can use it to water the garden.

27 Aug, 2017


Yes, I'm so surprised we don't use more ingenuity in reclaiming water here in the constant drought-stricken San Diego. I do know newer homes finally have filtration systems for reclaimed grey water. It's used for all the landscape watering. Oh, how I wish I had that!

I was very sad at Balboa Park, which is the diamond or jewel of the city. It has an incredible exotic collection of plants and trees from all over the world! So many of the trees are dying or have severe die-back from the horrible drought. If they can use all the reclaimed water in the park, it would water so many plants and trees.

I'm going to post a pic of a formerly beautiful African Tulip tree which is in Alcazar Plaza Gardens. So many people take photos of the plants and tree there in this section of Balboa Park. The plants and trees looked HORRIBLE! The African Tulip tree looked so horrible, I couldn't believe people were taking photos of it. I don't even want to talk about Palm Canyon, it makes really upset to see so many exotic old palms dying. Many Howea, Rhopalostylis which are most likely around 30 to 40 ft tall and maybe more than 50 years old dead! Also, there's a 100 year old Redwood tree grove in the Western Edition of Balboa Park, all the trees are almost all dead! It really breaks my heart!

29 Aug, 2017


Perhaps Andy the people who run things in towns and cities have become like ours I 'm all right jack up you or they have nt the brains. I just dont understand when it rains and goes into the runner drain s side of the roads why is nt that re cycled to homes.

Another brainless subject how come they dont buy tankers of water from areas that have plenty of rain we sell our water to other countries outside the UK or have a local resiviour covered so the water dont evapourate there in the Balboa Park it self what a disaster for all those plants. Makes me laugh they can waste money sending man into space where man can not live yet they have nt the brain or money to deal with drought where man can live to me like most things in the world they have their priorities wrong a rich mans toy not satisfied distrying the world we live in but want to go out in space to find another planet like earth to distroy madness.

I shall look out for your photos of the Tulip tree . I can understand why they are taking photos it shows how the authorities neglect what is precious and a rare thing to see. Very sad they are letting the ancient Palms also the other plants and trees to deteriate to this standard and likely die.

29 Aug, 2017


Yes, the city politics definitely come into play with so many of our city's problems. Overall, we're making progress with water conservation and recycling reclaimed water; however, we still a long ways to go. Balboa Park draws so many hundreds of thousands of tourists a year. They really need to do better to make it more presentable. Most places are pretty well kept up. It still needs more, though.

Yes, the very old palms definitely could have been saved. I was very angry about that! I really don't think the horticulturists know what they're doing in Balboa Park!

The Redwood tree grove is a lots cause, unfortunately! I saw a segment on our local news, last year. The person on the local news segment said the grove would need a drip on them 24/7 for several weeks to save them and at that time we were on extreme water restrictions. It was very sad! :>((. Another grove of pine trees next to the Redwood tree are pretty much all dead! I posted a pics last year.

30 Aug, 2017


At least they have started trying to recyle the water realising some thing needs to be done to solve and cope with the drought.

Yes you would of thought considering Balboa Park brings in a lot of tourist which must be bringing in money they would of protected the old Palms . As of the
horticulturists have they become like here with any other careering job or any job for that matter its just a job with a wage and they dont care.

Thats such ashame about the Redwood grove and Pines I just dont understand why they dont import water and spray the leaves to as plants take in more moister through their leaves.

30 Aug, 2017


San Diego is almost always in drought. I can't believe it has taken this horrible drought to actually realize something has to be done about our water crisis!

Most of San Diego's water is imported here from the Colorado River and from Northern California. It's very expensive for this process. The only really good thing that has been done last year was, the Carlsbad desalinatization plant went on-line. It's actually producing water.

31 Aug, 2017


Nothing unusual Andy with people who run our countrys or countys this world is only for looking after number one the rich its only when they are suffering or being affected they start do some thing by then usually its to late. I did read last year America is running out of fresh water because of them messing with it diverting it America was nt the only country.

They seem to forget we all use more water now than ever unlike past years we did nt have dish washers automatic washing machines people bathe nearly every day which is really bad for our skin taking all the oils out of your skin years ago it was a bath once a week and top and tail each day unless you were a miner and the bath was a tin bath then watering lawns when there is no need as lawns even burnt lawns soon come back with a good rainfall then industry they use a huge amount of water. I believe the grand Canyon was once a big river run dry from human use in century's gone by.

Thats great they have developed a new plant at Carlsbad desalinatization I assume thats sea water which I also think in years to come will have an affect on the earth. The sea is there for a purpose to keep the centre core of the earth cool as like the ice on top of volcanoes. With then building on the sea like Japan and places like Qatar then building on flood plaines which is greed and all this building causes worse weather especiall tall building s fact and also causes floods hence why the reason for global warming and the terrible weather.

31 Aug, 2017

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