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Aleurites moluccana - Kukui Nut, Candlenut Tree

Aleurites moluccana - Kukui Nut, Candlenut Tree (Aleurites moluccana - Kukui Nut, Candlenut Tree)

The very large Kukui nut tree is flowering and full of Kukui nuts. This tree is said to be native to the South Sea Islands including Hawai'i. Photo taken at Quail Botanical Gardens on Sept. 5, 2017.

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Dainty flower on it are they like a cocoa nut.

6 Sep, 2017


It has a higher oil content.

7 Sep, 2017


Are they good for you if so dont tell the food companies lol they are using a palm oil in chocolate now .

7 Sep, 2017


Really very nice looking tree's.

7 Sep, 2017


Penny, I don't think they're edible.

9 Sep, 2017



It's the largest Kukui nut tree I've seen in California. I think it's 40 to 45 ft tall and almost as wide. I grew this tree in Mission San Jose, Fremont. It did exceptionally well! It grew very fast, and got large. I sold it when I moved to someone in that area.

9 Sep, 2017


I found this also this link below with more information about it .

Kukui nuts were once burned by Hawaiians to make light, or roasted and pulverized into a seasoning for raw fish. The tree bears circular brown fruit that fall to the ground to decay, leaving behind the Kukui nut. It’s poisonous when eaten raw, and edible if eaten roasted—be forewarned that excess Kukui nut consumption leads to diarrhea

9 Sep, 2017


Thanks for the information.

I actually knew all that information. :>))

Kukui nuts grow wild in Hawaii. Where my many relatives live there, there's so many wild trees growing. They call it a garbage tree! LOL!

9 Sep, 2017


Must be great to see the different varieties of plants in Hawaii then California then San Diego great knowledge to have. Funny how the Hawaiians call them the garbage tree I wonder why that is.

11 Sep, 2017


People in Hawaii call any tree or plant that grows wild there a garbage tree or plant. One of the most beautiful trees in the world, the Monkey Pod or Rain tree, they call it a garbage tree. LOL! I have one in a pot. It's growing very well. Monkey pod trees are not too common here and they don't grow to the gigantic proportions like in Hawaii. It's more of a small tree here in San Diego to maybe 30 ft. In Hawaii it grow to 80' tall and spreads much larger.

This shows how large they grow. I love the flowers that cover the tree all summer!

12 Sep, 2017


Wow stunning flowers and a beautiful shape.

13 Sep, 2017


Yes, it's a beautiful giant tree!

18 Sep, 2017


Yes nice dark shiney leaves to.

19 Sep, 2017


The leaves are not shiny, they're kind of fuzzy.

20 Sep, 2017


Like fuzzy hair lol must be the way the light is hitting on the leaves as they look as they have a shine to them.

20 Sep, 2017


Are you talking about the Kukui nut or Monkey pod tree?

22 Sep, 2017


The leaves on the picture above not the pretty flower coming off it

22 Sep, 2017


The leaves on the Kukui nut tree have glossy leaves above and wholly white below.

27 Sep, 2017


Ahrr I can see now.

28 Sep, 2017

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This photo is of species Aleurites moluccana - Kukui Nut, Candlenut Tree.